Help with water and wind adventurers

Hi everyone!
I’m a new player
I may ask on which characters focus my efforts for the water and wind elements. The active ones have some mana unlocked and for wind I think i’ll work on one 3-4* and I’ll promote him later
Thank you!!

Lowen and W.Xania are the wind healers, obviously. Lowen will probably get more use because Bog is more common as an enemy status effect, and he has a defense skill.
Noelle is a great buffer.
Those are unlikely to change, but we’re getting wind mana spirals next, so we don’t know if a 3* or 4* is going to suddenly become the next meta powerhouse. DPS is what would change from that.
With what else you have now, I might suggest Lowen or Hope, Lowen’s sister, Noelle, and then probably Melody. Melody used to be the go-to buffer, but then wind got a massive influx of higher-rarity buffing units. Sword Hope heals and does the doublebuff thing, use him if you want a more offensive team or don’t need as strong heals as Lowen.

You’re a lot more stacked for water units.
Xain is pretty OK, apparently. Xander is great. Julietta is good for applying bog to enemies, but will run their resistances up quickly. Laranoa is good as a self-sufficient unit. Pipple you have upgraded, but Pipple is surprisingly good. Eileen and Thaniel are the healers for different status effects, swap as needed. Thaniel is pretty likely to get a spiral later, I think. both of the 4* daggers are good. Elly is a great buffer, would recommend.
I don’t have Lazry, so I can’t really comment. I hear she has a good damage sim though.

You don’t have very many worth while wind adventurers so I would say hold off off them right now.

Noelle is an amazing buffer who always has a place in High Mercury, with a skill haste dragon, like Ariel or Frejya she will really excel. She doesn’t do much damage-wise since she’s really just a buff bot, but keep in mind in end game content like Mercury you will usually end up being the long-ranged baiter and will require perfect play to make sure the rest of your teammates deal big numbers.

Pipple is a REALLY good wand user and can allow a 4 man Pipple team with Odd Sparrows and Chocolatiers, making him pretty self-sufficient in High Brunhilda. Outside of High trials, I’d suggest Resounding Redination.
Larzy seems like a good unit, mostly skill-based damage and her chain ability makes her a valuable teammate.

Okay so going down the list:
Lowen and W!Xania are the main healers of Wind, but the edge goes to Lowen imo. Skills cost less and there tends to be more Bog based content. I’d still hold off on upgrading him over Xania in case the new Agito is like solved with Xania somehow.

Ku Hai is a decent Sword, and his chain co-ability will help keep him relevant, but Hope is better off for that if you don’t tend to combo hits often. That aside, just wait for news of Wind Mana Spirals and Agito before you pick a character since they’re coming relatively soon.

Xander is a still solid Swordie. Can net easy Void Agni clears and his Force Strike is DEVASTATING. Pipple is the meta afaik due to how easily OP he can get. As for healer choice, Thaniel is seen as the main choice for HBH but I prefer Aeleen’s skill shift heals and S2 for being a potent self heal aoe that can save you a Marine Blessing in lower difficulty endgame.

Thank you everyone! From what I understand i’ll focus on lowen and Noelle for wind if the Agito doesn’t require different.
For water I’ll bench Latona, Lazy and Julietta.
I have 58mana circles on Xain (ocean Lance 0unbound) and only 30 on Xander (chimeratech commander 3unbound) asking here after wasting all the rainbow orb wasn’t great… I should change the most efforts on Xander or keeping Xain?

Let me know any errors I made writing!

Xander is a great unit and will cost much much less than continuing to max out Xainfried. If you really like Xain, you can also put Xander in the backline and benefit from his chain coability. As well, they have different status resistances. I think it’s better to be a bit more flexible, so I would recommend getting Xander to at least 40MC.

Like I said, Xander is still super powerful but he needs a Spiral and an Agito that caters to his stats. I really hope that he gets a Potent Stun Res that buffs Defense, but in the meantime, Primed buffs do the trick if you play as him. Renee is actually solid as a teammate if you have a Defense buffing adventurer too, since he’ll always have a Crit buff during Majestic Tide, and she gives Healing Doublebuff to the team so he can just run something like Valiant Crown/Halidom Grooms instead to maximize his buff potential.

Xainfried has higher potential but he requires more resources to excel as an adventurer