Help with ways of counter Yuri?

Hi, anyone know ways for counter Yuri? Is beacuse in summoners duel people use commonly Yuri and the range that they can reach is absurd even in the turn one he can only left one save title (So they gain points for stay in the white square). I know that reiv works but that is only for 1 turn so with a dancer the problem solved.

PD: This is my team:
Lon’qu (galeforce)
Byleth and Corrin (for the f!edelgard’s)
Azura (Gray waves and duo skill for Corrin)
Ash for move (and beacuse is the heroe in this moment for the duels for the glory)


I would say a Far Save Unit, but I dunno which Far Save Unit could just tank him casually and survive another round


Artur from the Sacred Stones


You could try Riev, but it’s not a perfect solution as dancers, restore+ and harsh command+ exist.

A Hardy Fighter Far Savior can be useful, but most Yuri players will run Pulse Tie.


If you’re trying to make a save unit: TA raventome. Dumps his Atk by 40% so lethality or AoE do significantly less.

If you’re thinking of a regular unit: TA raventome or Plegian effects while Yuri is debuffed. Plegian has the same resulting effect as raventomes since they inflict a ridiculous amount of -Atk.

Buffing your defenses doesn’t work to overpower AoE or Lethality, dumping the foe’s Atk does.


A well invested far-save unit is your best bet.

Nagi laughs at Yuri (or any coloreless ranged unit.) A Yuri with a blazing special will fail especially hard. Nagi isn’t the only one who can tank him though. Units like B!Edelgard, B!Hector or V!Henriette can do a fine job as long as they’re well invested.

But if you really want to give Yuri users a bad time, Nagi is your girl.



Riev has a global spectrum debuff/stall proc. It would definitely put a bit of a stopper in Yuri. MAYBE Cecilia, if she’s built right (I don’t really use her, but I hear she’s quite good for colorless and fliers).


Far Save tanks could be good for soaking damage.


Who would have thought she’d age so well.
And she hasn’t got a refine yet, she’s gonna be scary when she does.


Guaranteed follow up please. No lie, that’s all she’d need.



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I have used Lyon with daggerbreaker and works well against him, Cecilia is also a top choice to use, If you have Nagi with far save should be the perfect counter for him.

Bless, Cecilia staying relevant all these years later.

Still need to rekit mine soon since Ash is looking more and more permanent, and Cecilia’s not gonna be able to skirt around Void Tome’s Atk check with that going on, so I may as well focus on a new kit


Bram’s Atk check is only for his +5 buffs. The Spd check is for guaranteed follow up and Cecilia won’t proc that.

For basically everything she could ever care to fight, CF/CR, lull Atk/Res and QR3 seal. That’s all she needs.

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Thank you for all the help guys, and sorry for reply until now, I forget the post xD

There is someone in a discord I am in who has a +10 double life and death +10 Yuri who is scared of my Helbindi. Apparently doesn’t even do half his health (Yuri still had his merges)

When we did a tournament, they opted for Bramimond AoE instead which almost did the trick (it was also no merges for either side) Bramimond was off by 6 damage lol. Had to through out a 6 damage Duophonse to lower my health enough


I tend to use Miracle builds with pretty good success to counter him. Provided that you are using a really threatening unit such as L! Dimitri or B!Alm, you can still put the enemy team on edge without giving Yuri a free kill. The thing is that the unit needs some initial cooldown to bring it to 1 or 2. Personally, I use B!Alm with an Infantry pulse, grandscratcher Wrys to get the cooldown pretty low. Add some chill speed and speed buffs, and the miracle unit won’t die in one engagement. I’d say this set-up is less consistent against lethaility Yuris as those builds can stack more speed.

Reiv is also a good choice, but people are well aware of him and will position Yuri away from his slowest ally in higher tiers of SD.