Here Comes a New Challenger!

So the latest event ‘Ancient Forge’ felt easy to me. The challenge mode rec. E2-20 maps (5-8) didn’t really seem to add any extra difficulty, which was a little disappointing.

I assume future events outside of CC will have similar difficulty (at least in the near future), so I’d like to hear thoughts on how people who have been playing for longer are continuing to find challenges within the game.

For this ‘Ancient Forge’ event I started by doing the first map (rec. E1-1) with E0-1 operators. Then for maps 2,3 and 4 (rec. E1-35~E1-70) the only E2 operator I used was Zima (I would have liked to avoid using any but the only other vanguard I’ve levelled at all is an E2 Siege).

Outside of the event, I’ve taken my E0-1 squad through the story maps in chapters 1 and 2. Chapter 2 is a fun challenge for E0-1 operators and worth giving a try if you’re looking for something to do in game. You start to value and appreciate those lousy skill 1’s that no one uses anymore and get to use some of the ops you got too late or left behind (you’ll need to S4 your ops, but it takes very little resources).

Map 2-10 (rec. E1-1, Skullshatterer) has proven too big a challenge for my ops though so I’ll start levelling them a little to beat that map and think up a new challenge for Ch.3. (Note - I haven’t been doing the side maps but I think I’ll skip them for now. Maybe I’ll go back and do those with a new set of level 1 operators on a third playthrough)

Doing this kind of thing definitely adds to the challenge, makes you think a bit more and allows you to utilize of a wider range of operators and maps.

Another suggestion I heard recently from @Nytfall all was trying to do maps with a themed squad, specifically the idea was only using Penguin Logistics ops and seeing what you could manage to beat with just them.

Please feel free to share your own creative ideas and accomplishments here to continue to build interest and challenge in this wonderful game :)


Never imagined a day would come I’d get @'d for my random blurbs

Anyways, since I’ m here I may as well give an answer. One challenge I find interesting to pull off one day is an all vanguard clear. Vanguards are usually seen as these deploy early and scrap later units with only a few outliers (Bagpipe being the biggest one) so an all VG clear would be interesting. I do know there’s a YouTuber who does these (forgot their name :fgo_ereshdistress:) and they seem quite fun and want to replicate one day for I pretty much own every VG released as of now except Reed who might spook me at some point anyways. Bagpipe I can live with just fishing in my list.


Currently doing 5 operators max no healer which is fun. Full shift teams is also a fun option. Doing one tile only and 1p relay clears seems like a pretty interesting thing to do in the future.

When i was a beginner i wanted a team with only vanguards and fast redeploy operators to use all these dp, unleash special skills retreat and unleash the special skills ( Red/Gravel/Waiifu), but Gravel was alone until July 2020.

In general i try to limit operators levels with the map if possible too.

Another things is, i don’t like deploying my operator with 200% trust(and the most powerfuls) so my teams are essentially composed with new operators for farming or annihilation.

I saw an article on Gamepress before the CC event about videos contest with challenges similar to CC to clear a specific map , like only 3 stars only available(“3 stars are all stars”), use a waifu operator, have 20 operator killed etc.

This youtuber?

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No sadly. It was a CN player. I’m assuming you’re talking about this?

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I’m curious, do lots of youtubers post challenge clears in practice mode?

Practice mode just makes it so that you’re not wasting a bunch of sanity trying to clear challenges, since they’ve already cleared the stage and repeatedly clearing a CM stage doesn’t actually give any rewards.

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No, I disagree. Practise all you want in practice mode, of course.
But for the clear to be real, you need to recreate the real thing. Otherwise there’s no pressure, nothing to lose, and most importantly a huge cost for your RNG dependency.

I’m not denying his thought or skill, but it seems very cheap to me to do it that way.

Yes! That’s the guy!

As someone who does challenge/gimmick clears in FGO for zero rewards and full cost, a practice mode for Challenges is a god send! The moment you sit down and press the record button in an RNG filled gimmick clear, being able to experience the full dept of the challenge for essentially a free cost saves you a whole lot of resources in the long run. That’s why CC is so good for content creators because it’s basically practice mode with rewards.

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