Here's the story of a little Thracia boy

Let me tell you a little story about a precious little boy named Leif;

Ever since I started FEH,I’ve got my fair share of pitybreakers,and as you know,those are inevitable.

But this boy Leif always managed to say Hi! to me along all this time,pitybreaking me left and right.

While it would normally annoy me to get this much of a single unit pitybreaking me,I was actually fine with Leif,as I actually really liked him.

But this morning,as I was fishing for more NY!Camilla merges,the unthinkable happened.

Prior to the new year banner,my Leif was +8, solely from pitybreakers. But on this banner (and not even on his own focus banner) 2 more Leif’s decided to say Hi! again.

…so you know what this means,right?

That’s right,this little boy here is my very first unintentional +10! I honestly don’t know if I should be flabergasted by this or if I should call it a ‘‘Call of fate’’ or something,but nevertheless,I’m very happy with this!

Also, @Petra.286 because I just have to at this point!

Now I just need to get some fodders along the way to make this next build a reality!Making him a very speedy and physically bulky little boy!

Luck is certainly very weird sometimes,but hey! We take those! On that note,I wish you all a good day and that fortune smiles upon your summons!

Later! :feh_birbpeek:


Still need to find a build for my pity break stalker.

But yeah, that is one great Leif. I love it.


Not too shabby :feh_arvisboneappetite:


The little boi is looking mighty strong now! Great work man, he looks amazing :feh_hridexcited:


This is absolutely beautiful. I don’t think I’ve even seen another +10 Leif before :fgo_ereshwoah: Congratulations on your +10, even if it was unintentional!

And I can say from experience, I can say this is an excellent build on him. I hope you have as much fun with it as I do! :feh_hridexcited:


I was a bit concerned when I saw Barrier Blade but good, you’ll be using his prf

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I’m really eager to try him out,out there. He’s a good little boy and he deserves it!

Thank you! We’ll be the 2 Leif representatives of GP. :feh_hridexcited:


Well here ya go, I swear I’ve NEVER pulled for this guy except his first banner but I was going for Reinhardt. I even got the last 2 copies on the same banner


The Barrier Blade was when he didn’t had his refine,I wanted someone who could deal with healers,and he was pretty high-merged so I said; why not.

I guess I can go with 2 builds on mine. :feh_birbpeek:

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Something like this with Fallen Berkut? Or maybe go for Fury/Push 4 instead?


Yeah, DC Vantage is the most common option. And honestly it’s good.
But there’s one issue.

My Rein is +res. In all the 9 copies I’ve gotten, none were +atk.
Feels like a waste of all his merges to have a build that only focusses on atk.

Was thinking about Galeforce, he might accually use that quite well.


Ooof, that’s a better idea in that case.

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Yes, he’s a very good boy and deserves the world! Good luck getting the fodder you need, it may be expensive but he’ll prove the investment is absolutely worth it.

It feels nice to have another Leif representative on GP. He’ll never be a popular lord but at least there are a few of us out there

On a completely unrelated note, I love your pfp

Even if it’s low investment and you didn’t want it, this still makes me very happy. Thank you for sharing :blush:


He just refuses to come home :feh_sharenacry:


Yay he looks good. We take those right?

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If we could trade, I’d give you my other Leif. I can’t bring myself to send him home so I have an extra +Def/-HP copy sitting in my barracks


Hey thanks,I really like it too. :feh_hridexcited: It was shown of the GP Discord of FEH some time ago and I really liked it.

Here is the art in question;


Isn’t that Myth’s pfp on Discord as well?

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It is.

Also, you post the pfp, prepare for it to be stolen :feh_royyes: