She’s “KYOOT” too?

…huh. There are quite a few people that want to get Hilda.


I’m kind of surprised as well. Even I wanted her and I’m not a fan of the twintails look usually. Luckily I got her tho so I’m quite pleased


I wanted her for fodder, but I’m not willing to spend Orbs for it, I’m already low.


The pigtails are literally everything.

Super KYOOT.

How is it surprising people would like Hilda?


… I’m immensely surprised about how much people actually want her.

I thought Petra would dominate, but I guess not.

But I know she’s pretty well-liked.

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For the record, I initially wanted Mercedes until someone mentioned she’s a potential demote.

This Hubert guy is a student??? He’s a grown ass man. I thought he was like 30.

I’m not horny enough for Petra.


That’s interesting, although if she demotes, that means we’ll get an AR skill in the 4* pool (but it’s useless so whatever).

Not really. He’s just accompanying Edelgard, although maybe he is a student, too…and I think he’s in his early 20s.

The wiki says he’s 20 at the start of the game. dafuk.

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I think it partially has to do with Petra’s class in FEH. She’d probably be more popular as a bow infantry unit I feel like. Also, Hilda’s art makes her look cuter. Petra’s is… Oddly monotone for being a girl as bright and passionate as she is.

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I agree with the class thing. Flying dagger users still look really weird to me, and I don’t feel a horse would’ve made things too different. Hilda has the added benefit she uses axes.

I literally see pink haired Severa.

With an axe.

Wait, she is??? She looks serious fuck. Her art is still pretty good, so that wasn’t the turn off for me.


That’s the problem. While she is a badass, she still smiles a lot and is a very smart and sweet girl.

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I’m having a lot of trouble seeing this. :D

Any chance you meant Mercedes?

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:heart: for petra :blush:


jajajaja that helmet looks awful on her

Mercedes is 22 if I’m not mistaken at the start of the game

It’s probably also because she’s green, making her the easiest to pull.

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What about it.

So rude lol
Your getting a Regnal astra for xmas :clap: