Hero Fest 2020

So we are having Nagi, Bernie, Duo Ephraim, and Sothis.

Who are you gonna be pulling and why? Who do you think is the best unit or has he best fodder?


No one. Because I can’t afford it :catroll:

Best unit is probably D!Eph. Imo Eph > Bernie > Nagi > Sothis. Sothis has her use as a mythic at least.

Best fodder is probably Nagi. Imo Nagi > Bernie > D!Eph > Sothis. But again, Sothis does have her use because TP is good


I like Sothis as both a character and a unit so I pulled for her. Got two merges for mine along with a pitybreaker OG Ike in 230 Orbs. I think I’ll try for more merges later, maybe on the last day of the banner after I’ve squeezed out as many Orbs as I can.

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Should we refrain from summoning until they fix the summoning pool issue? Will our odds of getting a focus be better once they fix it?


Marginally. Like 1 in 200 vs 1 in 160 sort of better odds but still.

I already did and got a brave celica from it but meh.
Like id like some form of extra ticket or a couple orbs but is didnt say shit so i doubt we’ll get anything.

What has happened?

Eyy congrats. If your get some merges lift reduction is a thing

They are talking about this

I try to get some merge for Sothis and Naga, or another Duo Ephraim for fodder purpose. Got 4 bernadettas in 105 orbs.
Not that bad i guess

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I’ll probably wait then, I’m not gonna take any chances


Ahhh yes. I saw a guy who summoned a B!Celica, it really shocked me

Did you have any other Bernie?

Nope. Guess i’ll fodder 2 bernie and keep a +1 speed

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Free summoned Bernadetta, got Sothis on a ticket, and free summoned Elinicia on the revival

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Got the nagster on a ticket. I was missing a green dragon but she’s armored dang flabbit

Wanted Sothis or my first Bernie and tried my luck with 180 orbs just to get pitied by Karel.

Now I give a ■■■■ on that HF banner and hope I used up my bad luck for a while and get what I want on the Pirate banner. :blush:


Nagi has DC and Special Fighter but IMO this is not nearly as rare and premium as Bernie’s and Ephraim’s skills.
As far as I know Duo Ephraim is the only unit with heavy blade 4 at the moment, and Bernie’s A+B slot are incredibly good on any player phase unit…

I went for Ephraim and of course didn’t get him. But I’m not willing to spend all my remaining orbs on the banner before CYL.

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Well I wanted Time’s pulse fodder just in case Ayra’s refine gives her a slaying effect and DC +sf fodder for Idunn,but I.S had other plans for me and I’m not exactly trying to spend alot of orbs here.

Lmao I got 2 Nagis and 1 Sothis. Along with a Sigurd I don’t really care so much

Well FB4 is going to be in the new Tibarn. He’s a seasonal unit, but he can be fodder xd

Anyways Nagi’s fodder is useful for armoured units. While I have to say that I have used two of them just to fodder DC