Hero Fest Color Priority Question

This is a very good Hero Fest! However, I have all of these heroes and don’t intend to do anything beyond the free pulls. I’m not sure which color I should prioritize as a result of that.

Red (Sothis) - I managed to pull a +Atk copy last month and more Mythic merges are always welcome. My current copy is +Atk +1 merged.
Blue (Duo Ephraim) - Free summoned on his debut banner with +Def, -Hp and ended up pulling 3 more on his Legendary Banner appearance. He’s not merged yet, but getting merges on him would be pretty beneficial as a Duo Hero.
Green (Nagi) - I got her on her debut banner with not good IVs, 4 more copies on the previously mentioned Legendary Banner and another as a pity-breaker recently. Aside from a +Atk copy at +1, the other 4 have been sitting in my barracks or turned into manuals that haven’t been spent yet. I guess since I already have so many copies of her that I might as well try to get merges.
Colorless (Bernadetta) - Bernie is my favorite character from 3H. I already have her at +2 merges and +Spd IV. I probably wouldn’t mind more merges.

Based on this logic, maybe the priority should be blue>red>green>colorless? I’m not sure, but I wanted a second opinion before the banner goes active so I don’t regret my free picks.

Looks good to me, my personal priority is blue>green>coloerless>red

If you’re not using Nagi and you have many of her already, pulling for her should be out of the question unless you want to pull more for fodder.

I would personally always prioritise pulling you favorties if you want to merge them up, Bernie has good fodder too if you feel like not mering her after all.

That being said, there is no telling when Duo Ephraim will be coming back so he should be first priority.

Blue > Colorless > Red > Green

If you really care about AR-D for Sothis for lowering defense score loss:

Blue > Red > Colorless > Green.


This this this, very much this

Pull for your favs, it helps you want to play the game more

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My general stance on units for scoring is that unless you plan to +10 them, more copies is irrelevant. If your plan is to merge up Duo Ephraim over time, then yes, put him at the top of the priority list. If you’re not really that interested, then I’d say you’re safe to pass on him and go for a unit you like over one that seems to have utility. Because he won’t unless you’re planning to max merge him over time.

I’d definitely say Nagi is bottom priority if you have multiple copies that are going unused.

Sothis is a defensive Mythic, so I feel the less critical one. It really depends on how badly you need Lift reduction for AR-D, or how much you want to improve performance in Mjolnir’s.

Bernie sounds like your favorite (good taste), so honestly I’d say put her at the top. None of the others are actually essential to anything you have planned. You don’t use Nagi, and have plenty of her for foddering her good skills, while the other two are entirely dependent on how badly you want to maximize their merges for AR or Arena scoring purposes. I always think it’s better to focus on favorites over direct utility, but if you do have a direct plan of action for merging Sothis or Duo Ephraim, then this is the best time to get them and should be your priority.

I actually use Nagi on my AR-O team in Astra season, but I’m also trying to think of another team as an option AND hope Triandra or Plumeria become Astra Mythics so we can finally have utility units because, let’s be real here, Astra season is a pain in the ***.

I’m pulling red since I see the entire line up as fairly garbage, it’s some decent fodder, but nothing Im in need of so I’ll free pull for lift loss and hope for a Laegjarn.

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I’ll say colorless, it sounds like you don’t use the others that much anyway xD in second place maybe red for the pulse skill, then blue cause why not and you have enough distant counter fodder.

If I was summoning on this it would be Blue for fodder > Green for the last 4 merges I need for her and for fodder also > Colorless for fodder > Red Fodder