Hero Fest Part 1

The lucky goddess finally smiled at me:

Best girl now +3 and B! Eliwood is +Atk -RES (perfect Ivs). So no fodder.


Insert Wrys memes here.


I got this instead of an Alm on one of my free circles…

And a 5 star Norne on my second account.


I also got B.Eliwood on one of these free summons (I have 3 now) and I’m always pondering what will be the best thing to fodder from him…all of his skills are desirable, although SS3 and dual rally are probably the most valuable. I wish we could just ditch the foddering limit and just give a unit’s full skillset when foddering :feh_elisad:


Guidance fodder :feh_inherit:

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Actually, Catria could use that for her arena set. Hone fliers isn’t doing anything there considering that Eirika and Fae are my other two arena core units.

Imagine actually getting good pulls.


I was shocked to get a Ced with my ticket today. Was really hopping for a Micaiah to fix my -Atk one but a -Spd Ced is welcome pulse smoke fodder.


At first I already thought of passing some of his skills to other units. But as it is the first copy is the Ivs are good, for now I will leave him here.

Ey, nice :feh_elismoke:

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Nice pull. An extra dancer is always good. I use her in AA

Omg… I want greens… no Greens… And this happens…

Merge (to +2) or fodder?

If you have a Leanne then she makes a good unit to run Sabotage Atk

I already have 2 if her…

Amazing fodder.

I have one +DEF -HP and I use it a lot. But 34 resistance seems to be a little low to make good use of the skill right?

True, I forgot that mine was +Res. What’re your 5 highest res units?

B! Micaiah +6 +Atk… The real reason I’m using my orbs on this banner… But green doesn’t want to appear in any session … I think I’ll give up…

Oof… Yeah Micaiah already has Yune’s whispers so she’s out. I’d just keep her around as a manual then in case a high res unit does come along. And if you have NY!Anna then you could give a high res bow unit both of Sabotage Atk and fortune bow, like Niles. Then again he might prefer sabotage Spd or Def more.

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So you only had 2 Wrys before this?

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I’ll do it

Disgusting hahahahahaha

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