Hero Trait Change Priorities

I’m not going to compile a whole list of heroes that I would use Trait Fruit on (mainly because there are WAAAAAAAY too many). I just want to discuss which units should be prioritized. But I would imagine the highest priority are merge projects (budget or otherwise). For example, since my Altena is already +Def, the only one I should concern myself with as top priority would be Itsuki and Flame Emperor (+Atk for the former and +Res for the latter?). Then with heroes I use in AR such as ANY Mythic as second priority. Then it’s whatever.

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I’m probably gonna prioritize Julius or Narcian. I could change Donnel to +Spd or Walhart to +Spd/+Res, but I think starting a merge would be more interesting than changing a unit I already completed to a different boon.

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Gonna make my Hel plus speed cuz speed is best

Good thing we get 100 for a free stat change


Give me 300 please, and some feathers. And grails.


Taking Kempf to +Spd on my main. Between this and his rerun, everything’s coming to America for this guy. I can’t really think of anyone else who needs the Trait change atm but Jorge might be a consideration to help boost his less than stellar Spd

Undecided on my alt, but leaning P!Tibarn (for +Atk) since I’m not likely to try for enough merges as that account is strictly F2P


And some orbs amd one of every 5 star and infinite fodder

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In fact just hand me ownership of the game.


Can I be co owner

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Only if we can make a Donnel and Lon’qu alt.


I’m gonna finally make Kagero +atk since I’ve never pulled a +atk copy and I’ll probably give my forma Swordhardt his +atk iv back as well

PLEASE those are my most wanted alts


It’s a done deal


Ashnard: likely +res

Sigrun: likely +spd

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Forma units and grail units are definitely the most worthwhile to use the fruits on because that is the only way to get IVs on them. Still isn’t terrible to use on a unit with bad IVs, but if you are willing to do that, then you’re probably willing to merge them up so fishing for IVs still has its place. Only unit rn I want to use it on is my F!Byleth so she can be +Spd. Will probably end up hoarding them because of indecision.


I think many people will end up using them on unmerged units, especially the people don’t really merge grail units aside from a few “necessities” like Aversa.

Things like +Atk unmerged Pirate Tibarn for instance is a really good pick.

So it’s going to be possible to change forma IVs? If so then those forma hall events without grail units would finally be a good thing.

Yup. Now the only “bad” thing about formas is that you can’t fodder them.

Sure he is a fine one off, but some people will want to highly invest in him, which means that they will have multiple chances of getting a good boon without using the fruits.

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I’ll be fixing my Lewyn’s -Spd first, probably giving Cormag +Spd or Res at some point as well

Haven’t thought of anyone else yet though


Primarily: units that have no ability to roll.

Askr Trio builds I was already doing.

Other potential builds I may do.