Heroic Grail hero for use?

I am newbie(don’t sure if almost 2 month can still consider being newbie) I have alreadt take Aversa and Blackknight

What unit should I exchange?( For use as unit not for fodder)

I have 280 grail right now and want to exchange 2 heroes

probably y!azura for sing + debuff tome

If you don’t already have a better blue tank, LA!Eliwood isn’t half bad. He is extremely versatile, and his stats are pretty balanced.

I have L.Tiki

Arvis and Azura.

Arvis is a good ploy boy and can provide healing support for ur team (with eir and the crane dancers its not as good as it used to be tho), and hes still a decent mage tank.

Azura is a ranged dancer that can alctually echange blows with units.

If I already have many dancer(5star one) is Minizura is still worth?

You could merge up the ones you already have.

There are a lot of good options.
It depends on what you have already. Like if you’re lacking a movement type and colour you could focus on it.

Burger King (Black Knight) is actually great for a Grail project. You can refine in either Spd or Def, I’d prefer Spd.Also forget the Vantage seal, I specifically made this as a post, on the old forum, asked about how scary a vantage seal would be.


Well, you can write all of rotation units off for now, I wouldn’t say getting merges is that high of a priority for you now.

Walhart is a pretty good option.
Rare class (cav axe), doesn’t need support, a lot of stats.
Give him something for defence in the A and seal and QR as B and he’s a great awser to anything melee.
Even with low res he should probably survive a hit from blue and green dragons

Man that Whopper is so big it even has a Vantage ‘seal’. Nice! Where exactly is it gonna hold that Slaying Edge though? :thinking:

@manikatti, it’s going to be through the centre of the burger. He just launches his self at the foe.

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Giving Special Spiral to armors was honestly a mistake. They should have seen Black Luna spam coming.

My advise Would be a little different.
Since I play feh since day one I already have a copy of each character. But even if I had Not, I think I Would still save all my grails to +10 a character that I REALLY like.
In the end all These half good units will sit around unused cause you will get more and more stronger units by time.

I havent spend a Single grail til now.