Heroic Grail/Ordeal help

Hey guys. I was going through my HM/Heroic Grail list and I’m nearing the end.

I was curious if someone here can either show me or link me to the current Grail units that are 40 Flowers and go up from there. There are some tempest trials/ghbs I missed.

I want to pull 1 copy of a grail unit I dont have and get their 40 flowers and 6000 HMs. Hope that makes sense.


Everyone past naesala is gen 3 or higher, but I don’t know about Cecilia and Laegjarn, don’t have them so idk if they are gen 3

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Winter Cecilia and Laegjarn are 40 flower units.


Every GHB/TT unit from Winter Cecilia onwards are 40 flower unit’s