Heroine X - What good is she?

Her NP seems rather meh in terms of what it’s for. Is it still strong vs other opponents? It’s text makes it seem like she would only do dmg to forms of Altria. The stun skill seems useful. But am I missing something?

She does bonus dmg to saberfaces it’s the same type of overcharge that Tammy lancer has for male enemies. Unfortunately if you use mhx you mostly ignore that overcharge unless your doing a joke team. She does have very good base stats and all her skills do get upgrades down the line. Just most people don’t look past her niche overcharge. Plus her third skill is mostly useless cause it only works against saber enemies until it gets upgraded to also give an attack buff.

TLDR half of her kit is a meme and isn’t useable outside of meme team until her upgrades and by then there are so many other options she kinda gets put on the bench

She can work as a star generator for archers due to her third skill and as most quick servants will get exponentially stronger once Skadi comes out. She also eventually gets a both a DEF down and ATK up to help her damage further.

I see. Guess she’s getting shelved. It’s Jack I want. Will decide later if I want to waste materials to raise her. Thanks.

MHX actually has great internals (hitcounts, stats, and generation numbers), she just has a weird skillset that eventually gets fixed by FOUR. STRENGTHENING. QUESTS.
Her NP works similar to Jack’s (but different mechanically) in that it does bonus damage against [Arturia Face] enemies.

Good hitcounts, good stargen, good NP gen, Riding EX, basically-Presence-Concealment A; later her skills get the additional effects of a 20% aoe def down, a one-turn invuln, and a 20% charisma, respectively.


Jacks np overcharge is slight different then mhx cause jack gets a buff which then also works on face cards after the np. While mhx’s buff is only on the np itself. Normally this small difference only matters when there’s a dmg bonus from an event cause jack’s female dmg bonus is the same as event dmg bonus and this doesn’t stack as strongly as mhx would in theory (jack would be additive to the event dmg vs mhx being multiplied) you won’t see this matter unless your min maxing a raid boss for one turn kills

There’s a specific wording difference between Jack’s style of bonus damage and MHX’s. You can also see that Jack self-buffs during her NP.
I just mention Jack because OP questioned whether MHX does NP damage to non-Saberfaces at all. I do mention they’re mechanically different.

Honestly, I’d go with MHXA over MHX. MHX’s ideal opponent is a Rider Saberface, but I think there’s a grand total of 2 of those. MHXA’s ideal opponent, on the other hand, is any Saber. They have the same modifiers on their extra damage, and MHXA also has the Berserker class advantage modifier to add on top of that. Plus MHXA is getting some pretty good Strengthenings in the future that will really help her, and she has some good Skadi synergy.

Your talking to the madman with the grailed MHXA I know lol. I was just tying to be a bit nice to mhx

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Whoops, I actually meant to reply to the OP, not yours. My bad.

That being said, I find your faith in Best Sith to be Good Civ.

Also key difference is mhx np overcharge is saberfaces so those niche situation where you find a maid alter or Santa alter are there while MHXA is saber servants just a small detail some people miss

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I’ve been doing her interludes. And bringing her along for the fun of it.

For being neutral, her NP does a very respectable amount of damage against saberfaces.

MHXA, aside she’s probably one of your best options against Jeanne.

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Well I have jalter so yeaaaa

Oh yeah, Jalter can also be counted amongst her prey.

That aside, I just love her design. For example, the way her ahoge just pushes through her cap.

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I just love how for normal saber alter she loses the ahoge but for MHXA she loses the hat of all things

I see I see. Comparing her to Jack, she stacks up. And yea Jack’s NP and C Star drop rate are what I love about her. My Medusa needs a crazy sister, lol.
I can definitely see her filling the role I needed to a 2nd attack assassin. I have Gramps. And I don’t use Osaka anymore. I know she can be a defensive beast for the whole team, she just doesn’t hit hard. I could see her synergizing with Okita for star gains.
Hooefully this next lotto gives out apples. I’m down to 3 and still need to complete the storyline.

MHX is the best assassin of the game, or at least for me she is.
Since i don’t have Jack, she is also the best to replace her in terms of star generation


She does become one of the hardest hitting assassins on the game after her upgrades. I think the problem is that people do get spooked often by Jack and she effectively covers their SSR assassin needs.

She doesn’t generate nearly as many stars with normal attacks her NP though, and MHX does have that sweet 5-turn cool down invincibility for CQs.

People get spooked “often” by jack!? Who are these lucky bastards!? Lol.
I have avenger of shinkiju to level. Da Vinci. And Vlad. As I have Gramps pretty well leveled I’ll stick with that long living dude for now. And level her slowly with whatever assassin embers I get. But also hopin to get gramps his 3rd ascension soon.