He's all grown up; I'm so proud

It’s been a long time coming, but I finally finished. He got his last merge (and it was +atk, so i decided to move away from +hp), last dragonflower and a treasured floret this morning.

I know there are still enemies he can’t quite beat, but if my math is right, his def can get up to 67 at least so he definitely packs a special punch.

Though I guess theres always room for improvement in his player-phase lol. And he does still need a good support partner (I’m at a loss for that, any suggestions?)

my newest and greatest completed unit


God that attack stat is so bad that even Felicia would like a word but still, nice to see some love for units that generally dont get it.


Wow that’s quite an investment. Kudos to you for your dedication. When he gets his weaponrefine in 2039 I’m sure it’s gonna be outstanding


Thanks. I know there’s not a whole lot to be done to salvage his atk haha. Double L&D4/3 could be fun, but still not quite great.

What would be a good hero to pick as support? I cant remember all the ones that have supportive refines and such.


looks really good, congratulations.
I want to build mine as a chip damage unit.

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He has 4 more attack than my Setsuna