He's (mostly) done:

He does have a few other premium things too (Sturdy Impact, Rally Up Atk+. From getting his current kit)

So far he’s been working well.


I can’t remember the last time I used Robin. He was my first promoted 5* unit, and I do like him.

But he’s blue… Of course. I hate that I’m so infatuated with Blue units, lol.

Why do the characters I like have to be the colour I hate…
To be fair, I needed a blue on the main team though.

Def/res ruse need a rally assist to be activated…
Otherwise classic solis build!

Well, another unit can use the Rally, correct? So it’s not a bad thing to not have Rally on Robin himself, if I recall correctly how the skill works.

Yeah, him or another unit need to use rally. But you’ll need to remember to bring another rally user with him each times…

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If memory serves, the team this guy’s on has a unit with a Rally Skill. That’s his plan.

Great build btw @KupicZR. A unique approach to your usual M! Robin.

@Kroeger Julius has Rally Atk/Spd+ to round out the Def and Res Tactics he’ll be getting. So he can get +6 to everything and use the Ruse skill.

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Okay. Make sense
I have a question then : Did you think of bonus doubler? Like if he get spectrum +6 buff, then bonus doubler would do almost the same as TA vs res/colorless (just a little less effective) but it’ll bring the best out of his average mixed stats (and bring up his spd to a lvl where he can avoid/double reliably)

If I was in possession of Bonus Doubler, I would likely give it to him. But TA is a bit more reliable when taking on red/colourless.