Hexblade and rush

Hi guys !

Does anyone of you use Inf. rush and Inf. hexblade ? I have some fun ideas but i don’t know if they are as good as they seem. For exemple Inf. rush does charge faster when enemies attack, right ?
Hexblade seems even more busted, and could be used well on ep or with wing of mercy.
Maybe i’m blind because i just discovered them, but could you tell me why you wouldn’t pick them in a infantry team, or why it would be better to use a unit with breath instead of an ally who support with rush.

I’m itching to pull all my orbs to get this hexblade skill, stop me if it’s not good ! I will close the app to not be tempted !


Infantry Rush gives Heavy Blade, Infantry Flash gives Flashing Blade, Infantry Breath gives Steady/Warding Breath and Infantry Hexblade gives adaptive damage and +2 Atk/Spd.

So Infantry Rush gives you +1 special cooldown charge on both phases, but only with your own attacks.


But infantry rush says “per attack” and not “per unit’s attack”.
It’s odd but sad

I would add the +1 charge from inf breath is guaranteed over the possibility of +1 when you attack. Making breath more reliable to use overall.

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Sorry I read too fast.

No problem.

I have Hexblade, Rush and Flash. They’re all fun skills in my opinion…
But not worth pulling for. I only use them to have fun in PvE content.