Hey everyone it's me again 🤣

This is probably my last question about kiara, so here it goes,
I buy all the debuff, I have BB summer to get advantage against her, I was thinking to take mash and merlin as a friend support and behind I have jack chloe and martha summer,
It is Good ? Or maybe an another way
(I know with all the debuff the fight is much easy but I don’t have a good level for now, this is why I ask :sweat_smile:)

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Go for it, your debuff adventure begins now.

What are your levels?

Honestly, advantage isn’t that important vs. Kiara. It’s only 1.2x, not the standard 2x or even the berserker 1.5x. You’re better off using Jack with her anti-female niche, or grabbing Beni-enma who has anti chaotic and anti-evil. They will do more damage and are generally going to be more useful than summer BB. Summer BB will be absolutely fine though if you want to use her.

Fully debuffed Kiara isn’t hard though. On the original run I beat her with a Cleopatra solo.

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I used a similar lineup to yours for the debuffed Kiara fight. Except I went with Merlin plus Hans and Nero Bride to help support Summer BB’s damage output.

With using her, you’ll want to bring supports that can ensure her crits, plus NP charge if possible. That means star generation or crit damage buffs, preferably both. Mash is also an okay choice for the back line since she can help ensure survivability during BB’s skill downtimes.

For card-locking, I usually find that the ideal hand should contain two, maybe three, face cards (depending on how many your star gen can support) with at least a buster and an arts card though other combinations can also work. Also, spam that NP as much as possible to delay Kiara’s NP.

I complete this fight with this team, it was hard to keep them alive but bb and jack beat her
After that I fight bb/go and beat her easily with the same team
Bb np 5 now :rofl::+1:

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