Hey guys I got my first elite tm eith the end of the pvp season! Now what do I use it on!?

I love pvp it’s what really makes the game exciting for me these day! ( Wish there wasn’t a stupid limit on games per day!) So with that in mind what would be the best use for my elite tm! I’m thinking ultra or masters league area pokemon. Dragonite is my all around favorite and strongest in those leagues just to throw that out there, but I’m looking for that charge legacy move that I can get that will give me an undeniably strong all around pokemon. Something along the lines of mudkips papa third with hydro cannon type stuff where it gets me a super powerful charge move, in mere seconds and will give me an all around great pokemon I can build my team around for ultra and ir mega leagues! Think speed of dragon claw with power like 120+ if that exists!!! I’ve faced a few elite mons who can power up crazy strong attacks almost as fast as I can charge a 50 damage attack like aqua tail or thunder punch. Any help would be so appreciated y’all!!! I really wanna make this thing count and be able to use my elite mon forever!!!

First of all, is it an Elite fast TM or charge TM?


Swampert has some of the best utility between all 3 leagues… I knew HC was broken when they first implemented it in to PvE but when they converted it and MS to PvP, my god… Honestly if PvP is your thing, and you don’t feel like waiting around until December while everyone runs around having a grand old time spamming HC at you, then decide which league you want to use him in (honestly I think he’s best for GL, but I noticed you didn’t mention an interest in that one) and use that ECTM as it was meant to be used :tipping_hand_woman:. If you’re going to make an investment like that though, be sure to research IV’s and make sure you’re investing the Swampert of your dreams (or just find the closest shinny like I did lol, flex over everything).

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Interesting conclusion. I think, the best place for him is Open Ultra, then Master Premier, then Ultra Premier and maybe then Great( in open Master have good moveset, but hard to compete with those 3500+ CP monsters, however placed well can be real threat).

Tons of things can easy conter Swampy in GL, and hes so squishy here.

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Instead of looking for something to spend it on perhaps save it until the ideal candidate presents itself out of need.

Agreed. Whiscash is the mudboi of choice in GL and there are so many good ones. Honestly, Marshtomp might be better than Swampert in GL (higher bulk, spammier moves). UL is definitely where Swampy shines best.

Swampert does better against common Skarmory and Azumarills though. I love using it

Don’t use it on dnite. Dragonites 2nd move of preference is Hurricane, DM will leave you with nothing to hurt fairies

I used my season elite CTM to give Shadow Swampert HC, plan is to move it up to Ultra later on. I’ve liked it here though. A lot of Gunfisk leads, then they switch to Azu or right to a grass. I keep the Swampy in vs Azu bc my other two suck vs Azu (I’m trying Bast and Scrafty with it)…Sometimes Azu doesn’t block Sludge Wave…Swampert pretty good vs Galvantula, too

I’m using Swampert with Skarmory & Altaria, kinda built the team around him but its been working/fun at least lol. I might do better leading with him tho due to his lack of bulk & the abundant amount of counters he has in GL. He is an absolute monster in UL though, you’re definitely right there. I haven’t had much opportunity/resources to play much Open Ultra and probs wasn’t using him as appropriately, but his stats, typing and moveset made up for that a lot of the time :woman_shrugging:

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Alright so I’m seeing yes he is a great idea to use it on and I will be using him along with my dragonite in the front, spamming shields to open it up for swamps cannons😉! I have two more questions tho. Other than Swampurt who would be the next best to use the elite tm on for ultra and one for master? And with dragonite up front and swampurt in the middle or last, who would be the best pokemon to take as my third in ultra league? Thank you all so much for all the genuine and very helpful replys!!!

Blast Burn is legacy on Infernape, Charizard, and Blaziken. Investing in one of those will help in UL. There is also Rock Slide for Omastar, which is a major threat to the aforementioned Fire mons, and flyers as well.

Starters like Venusaur, swampert, and charizard are gonna be the best . They all score highly in their respective formats and won’t function well without legacy moves. Also if you invest in them now (with the exception of charizard) you can get good play out of them in GL and move them to UL or ML when the time comes.
Metagross is great for MLPC. Umbreon is good for GL. All of those you might get at a shot at in December tho.
If you want to invest in something You NEED to use an elite TM on: Zapdos, Dewgong, Articuno all aren’t CD bois so you likely won’t get another shot at those and they all have plenty of uses in GBL.
Whatever you do don’t invest it in dragonite. There’s no PvP league where draco meteor is necessary. Or do. It’s your mon!