Hey guys, need some help in building a team

so these are my cards

would really appreciate the help!

couldn’t upload all 4 photos so here are all my characters

Wow you actually have 2 out of the 3 characters for the main Son Family core, the last missing piece being SP LF SSJ2 Gohan Red. It is rare for players at your level to even have a viable team available! The biggest thing that will be that your bench isn’t all that good but that hardly matters when you have any sort of team at your level.
SP SSJ Kid Goku Green
SP SSJ Goten Purple
SP Angry Goku Blue
EX Radtiz Blue: Saiyan Booster (You can limit break him from an event which will help your team out even more)
SP SSJ Goku Red: Saiyan Booster
SP SSJ Trunks Red: Hybrid Saiyan Booster

really really appreciate the help man cos I’m a new bie and I suck heh. couldn’t thank you enough man!

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btw what cards that are currently available from the summons should i try to get?

Besides this Son Fam team you really have nothing else note worth besides 100% Freiza and Android 17. Meaning your pretty much a blank slate. Based on this you can go two ways, one just do the dailies and hope you get luck while saving the bulk of your CC for a later banner that will help build on the team you already have. Or just try to get the best characters from each banner right now. If you are F2P (like myself) I recommend you save your CC as you already have a decent and there isn’t really anybody worth it right now imo.