Hey! Hey! Hey For Community Days!

So far in my still relatively short POGO career-started on Jan. 31 but was grounded shortly after), I have participated in these CDs:
Treecko - 3 shiny
Bagon - 4 shiny
Torchic - 9 shiny
Slakoth - 9 shiny
Mudkip - 9 shiny
Ralts - 9 shiny
Turtwig - 14 shiny
Trapinch - 14 shiny

How many have you caught?


Congrats! I usually get 2 or 3 for an hour of walking. Only one I’ve never caught was shiny torchic

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Treecko - 6 shiny
Bagon - 4 shiny
Torchic - 15 shiny
Slakoth - 7 shiny
Mudkip - 4 shiny
Ralts - 8 shiny
Turtwig - 16 shiny
Trapinch - 3 shiny

Treecko - 10
Bagon - 10
Torchic - 13
Slakoth - 13 (includes the repeat day, 3 were caught on the actual day)
Mudkip - 11
Ralts - 9
Turtwig - 16
Trapinch - 17

That’s what’s currently in my storage anyway. Pre-Ralts, I know I threw away a small of number of the shinies I had large amounts of, but can’t remember exactly which ones. Desperately need the space and CD shinies have limited trade value - it’s almost to the point where I don’t really want that many, to help clogging my storage.

Treecko - 20
Bagon - 21
Torchic - 16
Slakoth - 18
Mudkip - 14
Ralts - 16
Turtwig - 11
Trapinch - 6

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Geez! where are you playing at?!?!?!?!

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17 Trapinch! I had wondered where all the spawns were! Must of all got stuck at your gaf! :wink:

My Trapinch history and no shiny…

Denver, CO

I got two shiny trapinch! I literally only played for 30 (including drive time to get food because I was on break)

Man I was drowning in shiny Torchic and Treecko. I think I got like 8 shiny Torchic in total and maybe about 10 Treecko. Which I still have all of “because I might need them one day”. Bagon and Trapinch were a different story, 2 of the first and just 1 of the other. 2 shiny Ralts. Didn’t even matter either since Gallade is essentially useless and I already have a perfect maxed Gardevoir.

You know, they said that there was a lack of spawns but in our case, it seemed normal. I am happy for my shinies, and I would have gotten more Treecko if I wasn’t in a car, and then at a birthday party for like 3 hours!