Hey idk how you build a unit but whatever

Do any of these sets seem unreliable ? I think the vantage one is a bad one on him but decided to put it here before abandoning him. Ofc team is a thing, it will work around the build I use.
First time ever I actually try to build a unit so sorry if they are dumb :feh_notlikethis:
(Just the BA one I took from someone else)

So many units I’m going nowhere whith. But at least I tried for Alfonse

Are you looking to use him in Arena or PVE? In Arena he’ll have bonus unit stats, so working around those would be a consideration for how you build him
(Also with Double Brazen Atk/Def he has enough Defense to not need Desperation with Brash Assault and can run say Wrath instead)
Also, if you don’t mind me asking, do you want Player, Enemy, or Mixed phase?

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I would highly advise against Folkvangr’s prf effect. Reason why is because Triangle Adept ruins him against blues, since he can actually put up a fight against them.

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Oh yeah forgot the arena bonuses. I’d like to use him in PVE too, he’s not only for arena (unlike Anna).
Is there a build that would work better in arena and one in the other modes then ?

(Well, as he will be under 50%, I thought it would be safer ? And can’t he get onto Dragons and CC mages to with it ?)

Mainly looking at Player on Mixed. I looked at his Enemy phase possible builds and I just have better units for that I think…

Yes, of course. There are different builds for different modes. In Arena you have to maximize SP, whereas outside you don’t, being the most major factor.

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Even if my team deals with blues quite easily ? Just asking^^’

@Holdvar True. I’ll go back and look at the SP of those skills x)

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Let me help you, I’ll come up with a few ideas of my own.

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OK, thanks^^

I’ll go in the arena calculator just to learn skills cost xD

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Yeah, of course, no problem
Skill costs will probably stick in your head after a while of unit building. It really just takes practice and hoarding knowledge

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Here’s the dump:
6 is the only one with Bonus unit stats in mind.

Mixed phase is mostly 5 and 4. 4 can be run for mixed phase if you want to sacrifice the seal slot for Brash Assault. Though that’s going to cut into your Ignis nuking potential.

1 - Brazen for Mixed Bulk

2 - Brash Assault + Double Brazen Atk/Def & Wrath = Big 1-round bonfire

3 - Brave Sword+ and Wrath = Big 1-round Ignis

4 - Steady Breath + Spiral = 1-round Ignis

5 - Speedy Fonse

6 - Brazen for Mixed Bulk (Arena)

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I like the 1 and 5, I’ll certainly go this way (when I get the right fodder). I’d like to try 2 but I felt like I could have a better unit for it ?

The arena one I would have to pass out on Blue Flame rn. I already plan to give it to Sharena for the classic bond build (no creativity here) and I still don’t have any Owain.

Anyway, thanks for the ideas !^^

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Yeah, of course, any time!

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