Hey IS I have a great idea

How bout you guys increase the amount of Grail unit refines we get per month cuz like

Red - Got
Yellow - Seasonal
Blue - Possible

At most we have 43 (looking at close to 3.7 years for an Aelfric refine unless they jump around) (44 actually because Aelfric is off screen + a few others not yet in the Grail shop yet) here that the mass majority of all need a refine, sure “some” don’t need one faster since they have an already great Prf namely units like Brunnya, Kempf, Ashnard, and Petrine (Aversa would be here also but she’ll be getting one come a few month’s). But nearly all of them suffer from either no Prf with a class that already has so many units in the summoning poll that plays the same way leading to no real reason to build them outside of liking the unit, has a very gimmicky AR focused Prf namely most of the Red Tomes, or unit’s who just needs an improved Prf namely units like Astram, Death Knight and Nemesis

I also just don’t want to wait like 2.7 years for my Petrine to get a refine

So what do you say IS… how about that idea?


I mean, we just need more refines in general. At this rate the meme about the 3H brave lords getting a refine before their OGs is gonna come true, and we all know how fucking dumb that is.


Yah pretty much, we need at least like 15-20 refines a month


Its absurd to me that a lot of units from the original 3H lords banners and up need refines, prf powercrep really shot the fuck upwards its insane.


They definitely should speed things up…

I know for certain each game has an expiration date, either because the developers start working on a new project, audience gets bored or the game isn’t as profitable anymore. Feh should not be around in 4 years, at least if they keep the same pattern over and over so we might not see an Aelfric refine as you mentioned.


Next you’ll be asking for Trading and powercreep to advance at more reasonable levels like with gen 1-3.

An enjoyable grand user experience is not in cards I’m afraid.

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Yeah that sounds about right tbh

And that’s less waiting than normal pool units


Lolizura refine + Re run when.

I want my +10 singing loli and 3200 grails + no refine is

it’s pretty sad looking at the green tome options in the grail shop, or f2p pool for that matter. We have very good blue tomes options, and uhh … some decent ones for red.

But green? Its completely barren.

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Eh the only reason it even sounds right is due to some of the previous batches releasing more than 1 Grail unit (like say the DC weapon batch) because their was a chunk of time in which they hadn’t done a single Grail refine. Refines started in Nov or Dec 2017 so it’s been about 4 years since we got refines but we only have 30 Grail’s with refines which is only 2.5 years worth of refines with the paste that they are going at for them now and 18 missing refines due to not doing Grails every month.


It sounds right because 2 1/2 years is a pretty standard waiting period from release to refine

And again, that’s less than a lot of normal pool units have to wait

OG.Hector out here going 4 years strong of no refines while a seasonal, Brave, and Legendary version of him all got one now

And the only reason for that is the lack of refines per month we get, but we have nearly every Gen 1 unit done just missing low rarity healers and all the dancers (who knows when the F they will get them), Reinhardt/Olwen, and og.Hector (I’m pretty sure that’s all but could be wrong), and we are fairly close to being done with Gen 2 units if im looking at it right we have
3 Legendaries
8 5*
4 4*
6 Grail’s
2 seasonal’s

Which will be done in a few months then they will start on Gen 3 units, the only reason it even feels like it’s taking so long is due to the number of Gen 1 units their was in the first place


The simplest solution might be that IS adds refines to the mid-month updates :feh_lucyshrug:


The year is 2056, ww 3 has just ended.

Supreme Edelgard has just gotten her remix + refine.

Dire Thunder hasn’t gotten a refine yet :catflower:


And OG Armads