Hey o/

Hi just wanted to talk about my last days so you can pass if you’re doing something else, not very interesting :slightly_smiling_face:

I went to a Exposition about Japan and Manga/VG/etc in Paris from the 4th to today and it was fun. I found a few nice FE stuff so I thought I would share it^^

I wasn’t expecting to buy much. I search for hours and didn’t find a single FE goodie, card or whatever in the official stands. I know FE is not the most popular series of Nintendo but I thought there would still be something.

Anyway what a nice surprise on the next day when I found out in the creative part that there was a ton of “internet artist” who did FE stuff, so there is what my wallet could afford xD


We also got to see FE:TH concept arts for the first time at the Nintendo stand on Friday. We at least got something before America and Japan :D

And now is the “other non-FE related things because I’m not tired enough to go to bed” part so you can just waddle away.


I couldn’t resist. Like he was taunting me for three days. I. Just. Couldn’t.

Ended up walking around Paris all Sunday with him because we had left the hotel and had nowhere to go before the evening train. And he was way to large to get in a case. I really felt embarrassed, I don’t want to know what people thought… >w<

Wtf I was so happy

So I was looking at all the keychains at that stand who had the Dwyer one and I found Idolish7 ones. That’s one of my favourite series and I never thought anyone would know it in France because well you just never ever hear about it. And that girl did I7 ones I was soooo happy. Bought a Nikaido one :green_heart:


One of the best things going to Paris was meeting with online friends. I spend half a day with my BF and that was great. The other ones… didn’t go as I thought it would. One had a group a friends with her I didn’t know, and I have so much trouble being introduced to more than one stranger at the time…

And the last one didn’t come because his family visited him the day he intended to come. But hey, those things happen.

One last thing

WOOOOLT!!! I CAN’T WAIT :green_heart:

Lol who even red all that :joy:
Anyway nice to be back home^^




Cool to hear! Seems like you had a good trip
i’m loresomed right now so i can’t give you a like :feh_nino:


Yes it was great^^
got loresomed too for the first time today as I couldn’t answer, kept liking everything

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Finished reading. That looks like a really cool trip that you had! :birbpeek:

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Hey i read all that :frowning:

Seems like you had a fun trip,and I gotta add that the ‘‘memo pad’’ you shown looks both adorable and amazing,I wish I could get something like that!

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I’m sorry, it’s just I feel like most people just skip those sort of posts^^’’ And thanks for reading I really appreciate it :blue_heart:

Yeah I bought it because everyone was selling keychains, badges and posters. But that stand had even comics, notebooks and other original stuff. Went for the pad because I write little notes all the time and because I was getting sort on money by then x)
Do you want the artist page ? I picked up her card. Some of them come from abroad so idk if she’s even settled in France.

@Someone_Person Thanks^^


Love the Robin postcard! Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Half-expecting him to change into his Santa outfit anytime tho haha

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It’s so warm yes :heart:
That would be fun, even if I prefer his OG outfit xD

Glad you had fun!

I should go to the JE the next year, it was pretty fun the last time I went to it

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You’re still awake?



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Sleep is for the weak!
Now goodnight :wave:

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You’re weak

Good night :wave: :hugs:

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I’ll deal with you after my beauty sleep :nail_care:

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I’m waiting.

:nail_care: :fire:

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Daddy’s back. Time for your spanking :ping_pong:

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And you know how many time you could have done that in 7 hours and a half?
a lot

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Binch, I was sleeping!

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It’s why your cheeks are red


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