Hey there, do you know if there will be a good yellow for future tag that i can pull with around 12000 cc? (F2P)

I have a future/god ki team of ssgss vegeta(green), ss rose goku black (red), fusion zamasu(purple), ssgss goku(blue), goku black(yellow) and goku black(green). Any suggestions will really help. And also i want to replace this yellow spot so any ideas of upcoming characters?

Look, Black Friday units got leaked. It’s Jiren and UI Sign Goku. It’s not confirmed, the leaks could be fake but most of the community has taken it as confirmed.

Future already has a good yellow, Ssj Rage Trunks. My advice is to wait for upcoming banners. Maybe Trunks is featured in them or maybe a new yellow drops. Just don’t waste these hard earned cc right before Black Friday.

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Okay bro, thanks a lot!!