Hey was wondering if I could get some help making a decent PvP team

Hey I need some help making a team for PvP any help would be awesome thanks everyone! :D

Good 'ol movies from the sagas:
-Pur Boujack (ridiculous)
-Yel Transforming gohan (super ridiculous)
-Pur Coora (super ridiculous x 3)
-Blue Transforming Vegeta (ridiculous)
-Yel Boujack or Red Metal Coora (since u need some reds for when u vs a transforming gohan)
-Blue Zangya

Easy rank 40-45+
After that you might need to put in a little effort here and there

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sweet thanks! So core being PUR Boujack , YEL transforming gohan , and PUR coora? or go for another color maybe Blu vegeta instead of coora?

Correct. The core would usually have Yel Gohan and Pur Boujack. Last unit depends on what their team looks like, but most of the time you should be running Blue Vegeta.

USE THAT PUR VEGITO!!! It’s the strongest unit in the game, don’t waste him.