HGs for a RF/HG echelon, plus general echelon building advice

Trying to build a RF/HG echelon, got WA-2000 and SVD so based on their pages something like Five-Seven and Px4 is great… except I don’t have Px4.

HGs I have are:
5* Welrod, Grizzly, Five-Seven, Desert Eagle, HS2000, P22 (x2), M950 Calico
4* SAA, GR Mk23, Jericho, Gr P30, K5, P7
3* Makarov, P08, Type92, Tokarev, C96, M9, G17

Out of the above, both P22s are in use (5x and 2x links), as is HS2000 (3x)
Other developed HGs are SAA (level 90, 4x), GR Mk23 (level 71, 4x), Jericho (level 86, 4x), Calico (level 59, 3x), G17 (level 56, 3x) and P08 (level 53, 3x).
All others are unleveled and unlinked.

Yes, I fell into the newbie trap of leveling the 4* and 5* girls and ignoring 2* and ditching 3* as soon as I got 4* versions.

For reference as to where I am overall, I managed (barely) a full clear of Shattered Connexion normal and my echelons are:
SMG/AR (main team):
ST AR15 (mod 1)
M4A1 (mod 2) C-MS (89, 4x)
FAL (100, 5x) P22 (94, 5x)

MG/SG (armor team):
PK (97, 5x)
M1918 (95, 5x) SAT 8 (90, 4x)
Kord (90, 4x) P22 (85. 2x)

2nd AR/SMG team
Am RFB (80, 3x) Vector (90, 3x)
M4 SOPMOD (97, 5x) RO635 (95, 5x)
HS2000 (80, 3x)

RFs for the RF/HG are SVD (50, 3x) and WA2000 (47, 1x)

Other 4* and 5* dolls that are moderately/heavily developed:
Thompson (98, 5x)
416 (86, 3x)
SIG-556 and Carcano M1891 (both level 51, 2x)
Gr MP5 (75, 4x)
K-PDW (100, 5x)
PP-19-01 (52, 3x)
UMP45 (70, 3x)
SPAS-12 (90, 4x)
Springfield (70, 4x)
SPR A3G (59, 3x)
CR-21 (51, 3x)
M16A1 (65, 3x)
XM8 (64, 3x)
EM-2 (61, 3x)
9A-91 (60, 3x)
AS Val (53, 2x)

Other 5* dolls that are 1x: QJY-88, SR-3MP, 100 Shiki, X95, Type 79, ACR, M99, M200

So primary issue is selecting HGs to use (raise if necessary) for RF/HG.
Secondary issue is core use priority (MOD vs. get 5x links)

all advice welcome

5-7 & Px4 are usually bundled together because of their Critical synergies. Px4 lowers Crit Chance and instead raises Crit Damage. 5-7 balances her buddy by raising your Crit Chance the same amount for no net losses. And better yet, the skill timings match, so there’s never a point when you have any debuffs. However, when you don’t have the pair, the math gets a little more wonky and you run into a problem when trying to pair 5-7 and WA+SVD.

By looking into WA2000 & SVD’s skills, you find that they both raise their ROF with their skills. Therefore we categorize these rifles as ROF RFs. Because of the ROF limit placed on units and the game’s wonky targeting**, most players choose to instead pair ROF RFs with FP and/or damage boosting handguns.

With your collection, I’d recommend building a ROF RFHG echelon to get you past several early to mid-range armored enemies. Good partners for the rifles you have are SAA, GR Mk23 & P22 for their various ways to increase your rifle damage.

Core priority? Definitely get WA2000 and SVD dummies if you plan on doing some night maps soon. They do so much of your echelon’s damage that you’d be struggling with only x1 and x3 units. If you have her, give M14 a shot. She’s much better than her 3* would let you believe. And with up to +100% accuracy from your HGs, her lower accuracy won’t be a problem for a long time. As a 3*, she’d only take 21 cores, max, to get to x5 dummies. Less if you find a dupe while leveling her. She’s a FP rifle, but has enough natural ROF to keep up with WA if you choose to keep them together until you pull a Lee Enfield or another FP rifle and pair them off in a second RFHG echelon.

**If two units fire at the exact same time (very likely if multiple units are hitting the ROF cap limit), the game sometimes makes them fire at the same target, causing one attack to potentially kill the target and making the second hit nothing and thereby wasting your shot. Therefore, we tend not to recommend hitting the cap limit with multiple units in a team.

If you’re still looking for advice on top of what @TridentInMyPocket gave (which I agree with), you can consult these docs:







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Thanks for the input.

Would you suggest 2RF3HG or 3 RF2HG?

The former I’d think would go:
WA2000 Welrod
Five-Seven SAA/GR Mk23

3 RF/ 2HG is a lot trickier, unless I drop Five-Seven. Maybe:
WA2000 Welrod
SVD SAA/Calico

I do have M14 and have the dupes to get her 5-linked. I did read the reviews on the wiki portion of this site, and elsewhere, that says she can keep up with 5*s, especially if I mod her later down the line.

Since I have a great AR/SMG team, a great SG/MG team, and a serviceable 2nd AR/SMG team, the plan is to get the HG/RF team up next. Guess that takes priority over powering up the other teams with modding (STAR-15 is mod 1, M4 is mod 2, nobody else is modded)

So get WA and SVD linked first, then Welrod maybe? After that go for mods. Probably STAR’s 2nd mod, then maybe M4’s 3rd? Read that’s a huge boost for her, but on the other hand IDK if that’s as important as spreading the boosts around.

(Whoops. Haven’t checked the boards in a while because of work n stuff.)
2RF3HG is the typical go-to echelon for standard use. Very few things need the extra DPS that a 3 rifle echelon can bring. It’s an interesting concept, but if you need to force the damage that 3 RFs can bring, you’re either A) targeting enemies that the map has created to scare you away from and force you to play more strategically, or B) forcing your girls to fight tougher enemies before they have been properly leveled & equipped.
If you find you can’t make it work with 2 rifles, I might suggest learning a bit more about kiting, moving a doll forward to increase your echelon’s firing range at the beginning of a fight, or just submitting to the overwhelming power of a skill level 10 Taunt Fairy.

Dummy priority of your HGs for your RF echelon:
5-7: get her to x2 and you’ll get +12% Crit Chance on her tiles. A rifle starts at 40% and a calibrated and leveled optical scope gives you the final 48% to enable 100% crits for all shots. GG EZ.
Mk23: Her DAM boosts are +18 | 22 | 27 | 31 | 36 % depending on her max dummy links. Also, she’s 4*, so it’s not hard to get her capped.
Welrod: Not the worst girl, but since her tiles wouldn’t reach SVD down at position 1 and Mk23’s can, I’d recommend linking the 4* first. But if you find that you’re having to tank a lot and can’t afford to keep Welrod at low links, go ahead and switch priorities. However dead enemies don’t need to be tanked and more damage = deader enemies, so Mk23 might even fix your tanking problem indirectly.

You do have a tough decision between STAR MOD2 and M4 MOD3, so the best way to decide is to see how you want to proceed. Do you want a stronger overall ARSMG echelon that can auto-fight through more content? Choose STAR. Do you want create a 3-doll team that can farm cores faster than grinding map 0-2? M4 is the one for you. (If that sounds interesting to you, look up how to create a team for 10-4E using M4.)

Thanks for the reply.

So you would recommend MK23 in the 5 slot over Welrod or Calico? Welrod could be in the 8 spot at the cost of not buffing SVD (though I think all HGs will have the issue of missing one RF if not 5 spot except P22 in the 2 spot)

WA2000 (Welrod)
Five-Seven MK23
SVD (P22)

I’d have to shift one of my 2 P22s in this case to get both RF buffed by all 3 HGs.
Current use of the P22s:



M1918 (M1) SAT 8
Kord P22

Could swap the MG/SG P22 for a K5 or Calico M1 (IIRC she gets the tile behind her after Mod 1)

If I did this it’d be:
Five-Seven Mk23
WA2000 P22

What do you think?

I got STAR 15’s Mod 2 now, as well as SOPMOD’s Mod 1, M1918’s Mod 1, M4’s Mod3 so I’d like to think I’m doing well there.
Five-Seven and Welrod are both Link x3, with SVD and WA2000 at x4. M14 is x5 (I’ve been using her for CE so I can level via auto-battle overnight but if 3RF2HG is sub-optimal I’ll wind up dropping her obviously)
Remaining MOD Priority I think will be:
STAR 15 Mod 3 (this is my main echelon)
M1918 Mod 2
Calico Mod 1 maybe? (MGs can always use Accuracy, but the ROF would be wasted maybe? RFs are the opposite though night battles it could help; K5 is probably better for MGs with DMG/ACC buffs)
SOPMOD Mod 2 to help my 2nd AR/SMG echelon
M1918 Mod 3

This is my plan, pending expert approval lol.

Yup. I’d say Mk23 is a better fit for your ROF rifle echelon. The two rifles are going to boost their own ROF through their skills, so having a HG (or multiple HGs) boost their FP will help you clear more enemies.
P22 is a good fit because she can a) give a flat +30% FP from position 2 to both RFs, b) give an additional +25% damage during her skill to the rifles in the back row, and c) won’t be hurting your echelons too much from moving over.

  • Continuing from c) - While being a very useful addition to a night ARSMG echelon, you can replace her with a DPS offtank SMG like Vector, MOD2 Uzi or SR-3MP in daytime maps. The molotov and grenade offtanks can be used to clear swarming enemies and self-boosters like the shrimp are meant to take down enemies with high HP, like bosses. Or you can take P22 from the SGMG echelon since that one’s so expensive to deploy and use on a regular basis. Most maps won’t need you to field the SGMG as minimum requirement to clear them, so it’s more of a “In emergency break glass” echelon.

For MOD priority, I’d raise Calico MOD1 up a spot or two. She’s more difficult to raise, needing the Fire Control Components on top of your usual cores & fragments, but becomes a lot more versatile when she gets a new tile directly behind her. If you manage to pull a Lee-Enfield or a G28 and want to build a FP RFHG echelon for hunting big game like Manticores and Hydras, they would synergize very well with a Calico, 5-7, P22 and your M14.

STAR can also improve by getting her exclusive .300BLK ammo that can be farmed from 3-4N, on top of getting her MOD3 accessory equipment.

K5 is an accurate assessment of her usefulness to MGs through her tiles. She’s also very supportive of RFs & ARs, but you have to make sure they’re still on her tiles when her skill activates in battle. Moving around a lot, like during boss fights, can lead to unfortunate situations where she can’t buff everyone who needs it.

Update: M1918 got her 2nd MOD (read that her 3rd is low priority)
I have M1918 and STAR’s unique equips from their night maps
STAR is level 112 so getting there in terms of getting her MOD3.

As far as a 2nd RF echelon goes, which do you think is more important: FP RF or 100% Accuracy RF? Bearing in mind my current echelon setup. During the current event I ran into that annoying shielded enemy that resets its shields every hop and I read that it’s best to use 100% Accuracy RFs while it’s hopping. While niche, FP RF for Manticores and Hydras doesn’t seem that high a priority, given that my MG/SG seems to perform well enough against them.

That said, it sounds like you’re talking about raising spare units to swap into existing echelons for specific event fights, which I guess is the next logical step now that I have 2 AR/SMG, 1 MG/SG and 1 RF/HG echelons.

I don’t have either of those RFs you mentioned though. As for Calico Mod 1, she’s level 92, but still only x3 link-wise, short on cores. Mk-23 is x5, K-5 is x4 and Five-Seven is x3. So with core costs in mind (75 to get to x5 on top of mod cost) would you still recommend her Mod 1 over STAR Mod 3 if she’s mainly for a hypothetical FP RF squad?

When talking about Mr. Hops, aka a Patroller, there are two main rifles that are thought about because of their 100% hit rate and not having to waste time charging the shot before firing: Carcano M91/38 (Grape) and M200 (or SSG 3000 if you haven’t pulled an M200 yet). These two serve a distinct niche of either dropping a lazer-guided pile driver of a shot or 6~7 unmissable hits onto some poor sap trying to be evasive. Luckily, that niche doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon, so it’s not a bad investment to get that team up and running. Most events have at least one fight that will made much easier with a Grape. Just remember that this particular echelon is made to bully specific enemies that give most other RFHG echelons a hard time. It won’t be able to take out Elite enemies and bosses, or deal with swarming enemies.
(PS - If you don’t have the purple girl, you can make do with M4 MOD3 & tactical retreating of 2 dolls to engage 100% accuracy nuke-mode when it comes to fighting the Patroller in the Theater.)

As long as you expect to be fighting Manticores and Hydras in the day and not night maps, your MGSG echelon should be a fine, if more expensive, substitute for a FP RFHG echelon. When you start hitting the heavily armored enemies with evasion at night, the MGs’ low accuracy will come back to bite you, but I don’t think you’ll hit those kind of enemies again soon. Since you cleared Shattered Connexion and Polarized Light is considered much easier, you should be fine with a now-stronger set of echelons.

As STAR will only cost 60 cores (and 2000 frags) versus Calico’s 75+25 cores ( and 100 affection & lvl 100), I agree it is more logical to spend on STAR first, especially since you took the time to farm her SPEQ.

Don’t have Grape-Cano (only the Orange one and she seems to be rather mediocre) but I do have M200 (2x link).

Is 4Shiki (4* RF) worth investing in as a 100% accuracy RF? Have her at 2x now since I pulled a dupe.

Your point about Night maps is valid, my MG/SG still works then but it takes a while and the SG takes enough to damage to often need repairs after 2-4 battles (this became an issue during SC event, luckily I only cared about clearing and not S ranking)

I forgot M4’s cannon is 100% accuracy. On the other hand, can she survive on her own against Patrollers? I guess I’d leave 2 meatshields for her? Current theater progress is beyond my echelons, I can clear one or two fights if I get lucky with enemy formations, but that’s about it.

For FP RFs, don’t have Lee or G28. M14 is level 100 and ready for modding but I’d need one more RF for that.
A list of RFs I have (besides WA and SVD of course and M14 (ready for modding, thus a given)):
Springfield, SPR A3G, PTRD, Mosin-Nagant, Carcano M1891, M200, 4Shki, M99 and SV-98.

Most of those are “Bamboo” RFs aimed at boss killing if I’m not mistaken, though I think I read that Springfield is good in general with her SPEQ (which I have). M200 and 4Shiki are in the perfect accuracy niche.

The Steady Shot skill (M99) is NOT 100% accuracy, right?

Sounds like you have Strawberry. She’s a supporting rifle that is meant to make her RF partner(s) better. Or with Python to supercharge a rifle at position 1. Look for “How To Use: Python” for a little more info.

4Shiki is an atypical 100% rifle. If you’re trying to hit swarms at night, she’ll do fine because of her unmissable AOE attacks. For an anti-Patroller echelon, she is a much harder fit. Her guaranteed hits come from her passive and can’t be stored and unleashed at once, like the Patroller fight is designed to be. I wouldn’t suggest you never use her, but Type 88 and KSVK (with the right setup) have very, very powerful AOE-styled MODs that may draw your attention first.

Can’t say I know if M4 can do enough DPS to take down a Patroller with the CE levels that the Theater brings (edit for clarification- Don’t have personal experience trying to take out a Core 8 Patroller with an M4. But an accidental misclick earlier in the event showed me that she could have busted an Advanced-strength Pat). But a Skill Level 10 Taunt fairy can tank at least 2 jumping phases without any additional tanking support.

I believe that M99’s skill follows the basic bamboo characteristic of not missing. But you’ll have to juggle the ability charge and cooldown against the Patroller’s jump phase. You can try your micromanaging skills against a customizable Patroller in the Drill Target section of the Combat Simulation. You can even customize the fight so the enemy doesn’t deal any damage to your echelon.

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CritTeam6 is locked and loaded. Congrats.

Grizzly’s a bit vanilla, but still a very solid FP booster. No faults in having one of her. SAA’s pretty good with her MOD, but yes, she’s a tad awkward to use. Either have her in position 4 buffing rifles at 1 & 7, or try to combo her with Python’s skill for some fireworks.

Can’t say I have much experience in using Strawberry properly. Didn’t level her until Python came out and now she’s living up to the moniker of “Python’s SPEQ” because their skills synergize so well.

Since M99’s skill is a single shot & M200’s skill ignores her ROF stat, their best HG partners would include those that increase FP a lot. So Grizzly, Mk-23 & P22, and Calico for the periods between skill activation. And honestly, after playing around in the Target Practice mode, the micro is basically the same as with Grape+M200: turn off auto-skill until hoppy mode and then pop 'em. But you’ll probably have to endure two or three cycles to finish off a Theater-strength Patroller. Even with my Grape, it’s still take a little more than one Weak cycle to finish it off.

Thanks for the info.

I pulled a Px4 Storm from daily production, so I can do the combo with Five-Seven now! Guess I’d have Mk-23 as the 5 position, like so:
5-7 Mk-23

For a FP RF echelon I think for now I’m going to have:
Grizzly Calico
Springfield P22

I don’t think I have any better FP RFs than Springfield with SPEQ besides M14 obviously.

How good is Grizzly? I got two extra copies so I can link her without spending cores. Also have an extra SAA to use for linking her. I personally have found her + formation to be awkward to use but maybe I just haven’t tried her with the right girls?

As for 100% Accuracy seems I might be best off with Strawberry buffing M200? Either that or try to learn to micro-manage M99’s skill. Which HGs go best for that?