Hi Btw I'm new here Anyone play in jp server?

Hi Btw I’m a new member from Asia I can’t certainly say where I’m from but Does anyone Play in JP server?

Any guides for servants Welcomed… Or being friends in FGO jp! just make it friendly at least
Ps: Don’t mock me for getting Jeanne or Anastasia

fategrandorder|690x388 !



im too lazy to add so i would prefer if you add me thx :>

welcome to our not so small community
think we have quite a few jp players here, tho im not sure if they’ll notice this thread

what guides for servants do you need or want?

that img is outdated and i probably will update it after i max more servants skill in this event

Hi there I’m from Asia too and I’ve been playing JP for about a year now (since Summer 2018). I have Merlin but he’s under-leveled.

Welcome! I only started on JP a couple of months ago which is why my skills and levels are kinda lacking but they’ll get there… eventually.

No problem merlin under leveled Well at least you must often farm for mama prisms and burn every servant that not you want

I need guide for Jeanne and Anastasia btw thanks for the warm welcome

man a few months ago and 5 goddamn ssr
does everyone who start jp have such good luck wtf

its late for me rn so ill write some short explanations tmr since i also havent looked at your support setup, but mind telling me everyone you hgave possibly

so i can start working on it when i wake up

Not a problem…At least everyone do have a common knowledge of Class affinity

I’ve sent an invite.
IGN is Ritsuka.

Nothing wrong with having either of Jeanne or Anastasia.
Jeanne is a good servant to own if you get stuck with some harder enemies or odd gimmicks for boss fights.

Haven’t used Anastasia much but AoE NP and battery are always a nice combination, as a bonus the rest of her skills are also pretty good.

Thanks for the tips…Well at least Jeanne Carried me along with my friends support

Would love to see Anastasia Rekt Every assassins if she’s fully levelled and spam np batteries plus with Any Np Boost CEs

Playing Na since may 2018, started JP around GudaGuda 4, it’s really harsh starting all over again, while administrating 2 accounts. Yes, you can blitz the plot with supports (up to Camelot…), and there’s many sources of new quarts, still, so time consuming…

I wanna max all the low star boys that matter (Arash, Euryale, David, Robin, Cu, Georgios, Ushi, Spartacus, Hans, new boy Chen Gong…), but I also want to level the golds I got by luck (Maou Nobu, Summer BB, Zercksashi, NP2 MHXX, Marie). Just maxed Kagetora, Atalante NP2 and Saber Hokusai (wainting for her perma, as well as her NP upgrade missions). Skills are all 1-4 (mostly 1…), aside from BB charge (10) and Maou attack (6).

Hopefully I will be able to get some boxes from the JP Gilfest/Nerofest, but not so many; NA is still where I gave my time and blood for, completing the plot one by one, with meh-ish supports, and clearing shop after shop, it is the absolute priority in my agend of lottofarm.

Also, dont think I will be able to complete Solomon/Lostbelts any soon, so I will probably be left out of some events this year. It’s okay…

Welcome! I started playing JP again mainly cause of new anniversary, but mainly only play on NA now. Lucked out getting Merlin and spooked by a Waver this recent banner with about 200SQ in JP.

I’ll be honest my account so far has been really lucky, especially compared to when I was starting my NA account. BUT I did buy 2 of the large quartz packs around Avenger Nobu’s release to help boost my roster a bit. So it’s not a FTP account anymore, though I probably won’t spend any more on it, not any time soon anyway.

TBH idk why but tasia, even with 2 ways to boost her np, hits kinda like a wet noodle :S
but level
her 3rd skill > 1st> then 2nd in that order

with a waver support, and 3rd skill at max
she can farm events even without ces with batteries

or give her black grail to make up for the damage

her stun. atk down and skill seals are nice at least

jeanne is just meant to do 1 thing
her np once you do her interlude to buff it means that with a mashuu and another arts servant
she can spam it like no tmr
especially if u have prisma cosmo

Hello, I’ve been playing since the first year of JP server and I’d like to welcome you for joining this hell-hole of desperation. I don’t think you will need some guide for Jeanne, but I can help you a bit more with Anastasia.

Anastasia is a soft hitter, but she charges fast even by herself. Scarlett’s recommendation for skill strengthening order is good, but I think you will find 1 = 3 > 2 priority suits you more for early contents. Balancing debuff resist penalty and charging NP will safe the day even against the most resilient enemies.

I highly recommend Divine Banquet and Record Holder for Anastasia to render your enemies fragile and vanilla, but you can never go wrong with the more classic Formalcraft to boost damage.

Forgot one simple thing: 066,574,464 <— add me

Sure…I add you I have plenty of time too

Check your friend mail…I added you already