Hi. Did I mess up something?

Hi. New to the game. Fgo player with tons of free time at work.
I downloaded this game and I must admit, look pretty cool.
I was playing the game and looking for a reroll guide or something, and a reached the point of the first summon…
I had to put the game in stand by, because, you know, I was working more or less.
When I re opened the game the tutorial for the summon was gone. Since then I played till mission 1.9 , but nothing.
I had some message in the mail giving me 1 4*(Mercedes) and 2 5* ( sigret and tamarinne), and 2 5*artefact
Did I mess up something?

I found it. I had to finish the first part.
I summoned a girl name Charlotte. Is she a good starter?

Charlotte isn’t a great start compared to other options (such as Sez or Vildred, which are characters focused on dps and cleaving)
Mercedes is a standard 4* you get, and the both the 5* characters as the artifacts are time-limited giveaways.
Tbh you have a pretty solid composition (Sigret as main dps, Tamarinne as your healer/buffer, Charlotte as your tank), but I would recommend reroling. Although Charlotte has great AoE, she isn’t ideal. Sigret is very target focused, so she might be kind of tricky to use.

If some of the language or terms I used is unclear, just ask and I’ll be glad to explain. Hope I’ve helped :smiley:

I see. Who do you suggest to reroll for?

By the way, I will only accept girl. Because you know, I have to enjoy my game. O.o

I’m not really sure of the characters available for the initial summon, but I’d definetely recommend Sez. On later stages, he is a monster cleaving teams. Vildred is also a great option (my main is actually Vildred, so…), but he strugles down the road, and also doesn’t have the single target power Sez possesses.

To summarize: Sez has both great single target and AoE damage, but he is more of a single target character. Vildred has an even greater Aoe, but that’s all he has got.

I’m going to look up the possible summons, and try to come up with a female option :laughing:

For females:

  • I have a friend who started out with Iseria (she’s his waifu lol), but I’m not a fan of her due to the fact that her damage is single target only (I’m more of an AoE guy myself), though she is definetly not a bad choice.
  • Aramintha is also a decent character, nice AoE on her S3, with burn, also buffs attack on her S2, on top of a Unhealable status for enemies + damage, definetely a go to.
  • Ravi is 100% the female character to start with, has self sustain with her S1 life-steal, great AoE on her ultimate, just a very complete character you can use from day 1 to PvP.
  • The other female options (Destina, Chloe, Charlotte and Sigret) are all decent characters, but feel a bit lackluster when compared to others mentioned above.

If you decide to reroll (and I believe you will) please send your pulls and your nickname so I can add you :smiley:

As a foot note: this is all my opinion, if you have a character you just like the looks of or the archetype, you should definetely go for that character, it will make the gameplay much more enjoyable!

Of course. I will keep any hero I like over any gameplay reason.
But not knowing the “meta” and so on, I will relay on you guys
Later I will start my reroll campaign! Wait for me! My future 5* waifu I don’t know yet!

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Just make sure you don’t take too long before rerolling, so you get those free 5*

Also, here’s GamePress’ guido to reroll:

I wish I had read these back when I first started :laughing:

Good enought for start?
Luluca Ken and siegret

Nah , I am going to keep on rerolling.

Ok, sigret, tenebria and cermia.

I kind of like tenebria look, so il keep this, even tho a part of me want that iseria

Tenebria is a good character, and she is getting buffed today, so you are on good hands!

What about artifacts, what did you get?

Time Matter , Rianna & lucelia and infinity basket

Those are some great artifacts! Looks like the time you invested payed off ^^

wait you got tamarinne? how did I miss that?

Yeah on my first roll. But I rerolled and now I have tenebria (waifu) sigred cermia and the new girl Vivian .

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cool. I would reroll but I like sigret, tenebria, and luluca and they work for me.