Hi. Does anyone know how I can get to Tier 15 in Aether Raids?

I can’t complete this Heroes’ Path because I’m currently at Tier 13. And since I’m such a noob at AR, I could use some pointers.


Most people at that tier have 4-unit defense teams and they likely won’t have all the hard setups that higher tiers do

And you can also use auto-dispatch with double Aether to help get your lift up

And you can also bring Peony and Eir and light bless your other teammates to get more lift


Use your light mythics each light season, use the grail bonus unit each week and find some grail units that work well as ar carries, brunnya, kronya and navarre all work well. Build the escape ladder building, it let’s you get lift back after losing a match


I did all 3 Dispatches and Did several manual raids. you and I are in a similar boat because I cannot for the life of me beat an Abyssal GHB Map

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If you could show what five stars you have,I could suggest a few to use

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PM1 said that apparently you can go up to like tier 18 with just autodispatch and playing a bit each week. You need to have your scoring right, so if you don’t have Naga/ an other Altina, climbing during Astra season is going to be harder. For light season, use Peony and Eir with 3 other units (maybe 2 if you don’t have the extra slot yet). They have to be blessed if you want the max score. And you also have to use a bonus unit. That way, it’ll be a lot easier to climb a bit


When navarres comes around its one of the easier rotating ones

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I seem to recall you saying in another thread that you had B!Ike, he can tank a lot of things with his refine, even if he doesn’t have DC

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you sure, It’s still pretty Hard

Oh well B!Dimitri is probably the answer with a few supports, Mira, Peony, Annette I can Make it work

Do you have ophelia or any other ranged AOE nukes? Because an air nuke and three dancers is pretty effective as long as you are careful with enemy range

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  1. Get Eir and Peony for free from the first chapters of book 3 and 4.
  2. Then put them on your offense team during Light season (for even higher score also bless your other team units with a light blessing)
  3. Try to get as much lift as possible during Light season and avoid losing lift during Astra season

Eir and Peony are great units for AR offense and they also give stats to your other units when blessed properly. It makes the battles a little easier and helps you score more per match.

Another important thing is to upgrade your offense fortress as much as possible. It can give your units a huge stat advantage so it won’t even matter how good or bad you play.


I don’t have any AOE nukes but I can make someone into one Just need to grab an AOE Special.

B!Claude might work but I get the feeling OG Lysithea might be a better choice

I have a +1 OG Lysithea with +Spd

Og lysithea with an AOE special and special spiral if you want to go full AOE spam would work really well, just use three dancers and she should kill everything as long as you don’t leave a dancer in enemy range. Just an AOE special should do really well still though

Shitaki. I don’t have Special Spiral :/

Lysithea will still nuke everything, don’t worry,

Three dancers + nuke is the oldest strategy in the book for ghbs, AOE special + special spiral improves the strat but isn’t necessary.

Does my budget Lilina count?

Lilina is still a powerful nuke. May not be a flashy as the newer units, but still serviceable.

EDIT: Ofc, if by budget, you mean not even a weapon refine upgrade, then uh yeah, you might not be getting what you should from Lilina :^)


Yeah, any five stars you have would count, budget ir no

I do. Would +def work for him? (He’s not -atk, don’t worry.)

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