Hi. I need help for a PvP team atm. Also I'm looking to upgrade mainly a specific tag team in the future so I would like you to tell me which tag should I focus on (I'm f2p)

My characters https://imgur.com/a/bo8wxMw

Hi LuCavallo. The best team for you right now would be GT.
Core -

  1. Ss4 Goku (pur)
  2. Full Power Ssj4 Goku (grn)
  3. Omega Shenron (red)
    Bench -
  4. Super Baby 2 (Blu) (can be used in core)
  5. Syn Shenron (yel) (can be used in core)
  6. Super 17 (grn)
    Regarding what team you should focus on. Every meta, teams change. If you think about Future right now, it is filled with OP units for every color. But before the anniversary, it was a really bad tag. Think about Androids. They recently received Three Zenkais and a new Perfect Cell.
    I guess GT will be getting new units (probably an LF) on New year. So, GT will be really broken when they add Ssj4 Gogeta or Spirit Bomb Goku. So, I suggest you focus on GT since-
  7. They are a good team.
  8. You have the best GT units at high stars. (I recommend getting Omega to 6 stars using Multi Z Power or other means).

Thank you so much bro
But do you think I should pull on only get banners?

Actually, no. Pull on banners that are good for your teams. For eg, you have a good Hybrid Team aswell. If you summon on the new All Star Vol. 1 banner, you can pull either the new Goten our Trunks (great units). The banner also has Omega Shenron and Rage Trunks which will be beneficial for your GT and Future Teams respectively. Then again, you should save your CC and spend them on Step Up Banners. Step up banners are high value banners since you can obtain more characters at less amount of CCs. Also, the lineup in Step Up Banners is better and also Contains LF Units.
Basically, you must think before acting. For eg, your Regen right now isnt really good and considering there are alot of OP anti Regen units running around, don’t summon for Regen units.
Also, new LF drop every two months in a step up. Do the maths and fiqure out when he will drop and save CC for him. Step ups also drop on New Year, Black Friday and Anniversary.
Hope this helped.

THANK YOU REALLY MUCH BRO :heart:. Also last question: my favourite character is gohan LF ssj2 but as you’ve seen I don’t have him. Should I pull on current banner where there’s a high chance of getting him or should I give up

About LF Gohan, well everyone loves that card. The climax of the Cell Games Arc will never get old. Back when he was released, LF Gohan was the best unit in the game hands down. But unfortunately, that was more than a year ago. Gohan has aged, a lot. He has been replaced in Son Family and Hybrids via multiple units.
Fortunately, he received a Zenkai recently. In order to Zenkai him, you gotta pull him 5 times (get him to 7 stars). Doing that in for an F2P is a real challenge. I recently got him to 7 stars (day 1 F2P player).
I wouldn’t say it is impossible to pull him, it is just useless. You will be burning alot of CC just to get him to 2 stars (not Zenkai). So, he will be useless in PvP since his Z ability isn’t good as a bench unit either. I say either save your CC or spend on LF Majin Vegeta Banner. It has a wide selection of good units, so it will be beneficial for you.

Thank you again. Yeah I feel like I’ve spent too much cc on him. Guess I’ll give up for good :pensive: