Hi, I'm a "NEW" User and want help


user here, want to know if my BK build is any good. I spent 3 orbs getting a +Atk BK and needed help with his build


Me @ this build



Also, just saying, if you want to make him better, then you have to give him favorite number 7, it’s the one that gives your unit superpowers, like super strength, flying, and fitting 100 tennis balls into your mouth

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hi im a new user too, and i think it would be better if you used pass in the b slot soo you can bypass the penalty from friesweep sword that stops you from counterattacking
otherwise this is a really good build!
hey this is a cool build, it could be better than your myrrh

Only 100? weak. My BK can fit 1642.9 armorslayers into his armor.

Ok, but he’d fit more with favorite 7

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Seems like a solid build.

Vengeful Fighter would be better in the B-slot though to secure doubles on the enemy phase. You might also want to replace Luna with New Moon. Sword Exp. will be more useful in AR, but you should keep Res Smoke for Arena.

0/10 no attack refine

First letter of each skill

Still needs attack refine


oh nu it is better ;-;

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oh no we should make myrrh better or make a better build than the Burger King
i mean black knight

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