Hi I'm ass at feh

So the new chapter uh I cant beat part 5 lunatic without someone dying is there a strategy or im i just stupid and can’t figure out how to stall her or my teams are just that bad
I case your wondering what teams I’ve tried to no avail
B!edelgard (+1) S!bernadetta Duo!askr jeralt (+10)
Tatiana (+10) L!M!robin and a mix of high res units


I would give advice but i’m also ass at the game

sometimes it boils down to trying to manipulate the ai by placing units in certain spots to get them away from you until you can take them all, but i’m also too dumb to know how to do that


From playing the chapter I determined Gullveig has so much range that you kinda have no choice but to face tank her a couple times. There are only like 3 spots across the whole map that are safe once she moves. My L-Julia had to eat two combats from her thanks to her Galeforce effect, and then my H-F-Robin ate one because Julia got too worn down

Things that may help:

*Something that negates debuffs (Peony can do this with her dance post Remix). Severely hampers her Seal Res 4’s effect

*A beefy Far Save unit with Guard. My L-Julia would have taken no damage from her if not for Luna (BD seal + Atk/Res Oath + Light and Dark II make Julia very hard for most mages to crack). Healing won’t help ya here because of Fatal Smoke unless you are B-Claude or have Special Fighter 4, so pure beef is what you gotta use

If you do not have Far Save put Obstruct seal on whoever you intend to tank Gulveig. This will help keep the weaker units safe. Obstruct type skills are incredibly helpful when you’re trying to hold the line against a very mobile unit

*If you can Gravity Gullveig in some way (Loki, V-Leo, or even a Gravity staff; she’s immune to damage but not status) that will make this so much easier.


Seidr is your best friend. Even base kit, unmerged works. IS almost certainly designed this map with her in mind since her res check actually barely meets the requirement to freeze Gullveig if you just move her one row down. She even nukes Gilliam. Just bring other units to deal with the other add ons. Pick a side to bait Gullveig towards and use Seidr to freeze her in place on turn 3

Edit: Oh also welcome to GP! Don’t worry about asking questions here.


NGL I completely forgot about using Seidr outside AR, lol

Yeah her C skill ought to do the trick, too. I might have to tag her along for the Chain Challenge


I have black knight so ig ill try him and like ONataLux said ill use seidr and probably use my jeralt and edie so wish me luck


K worked :skull: thanks for the help <3 I’ve been playing this game for like 4 years now and im still bad so I appreciate the help



I struggled a lot too. Especially having to put a lance on the team lol

This worked for me


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After several worthless tries to tank snake lady with a bunch of high-Res units I went the safe route: Seidr to freeze Gullveig, OG Micaiah to one-round Syrene and Gilliam, Jeralt as obligatory lance unit (plus he’s a great debuffer) and Yune for even more debuffing as well as killing Vanessa
With some smart placement I could create a safe zone for the last EP:


While all of y’all were using galaxy brain strategies, I was breaking out one of the 100+ Light’s Blessings that I never use :nerd_face:


oh if i knew this was valid advice i would have led with that lol


Using a Cav unit with units with WoM and or Warp effects helped me do it especially if at least 1 or more are dancers. Had to run like a lil bitch from Gullveig cuz of her self dancing allowing her to easily kill even my B.Edelgard, doesn’t help that she has Fatal Smoke on top of that to stop healing effects.

Also not gonna lie I completely forgot Gullveig was a Cav unit I thought she was a Flier and was questioning how she’s able to move 3 spaces


How Ass are you at FeH


Yeah this took me a while too. What I did is give the new Guidance 4 to my Reyson (with B Near Trace), and had Brave Tiki, B!Dimitri, and B!Edelgard surround Gullveig I think on the 3rd turn before she had the chance to attack anybody.

Seidr probably a lot easier though. A gravity user like Valentine Leo may also help.


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Hi ass at FEH, I’m Emet :catlove:


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