Hi! Just registered

Hi! Just registered and saw you guys help people with building teams. I tried to build some teams but i kinda fail, i saw the topic with z abilities, but i don’t know which one is core and which one is bench and i dont have all the characters so if someones is willing to help me building optimal teams i will appreciate.

Core refers to the three characters you fight with and bench refers to the three characters you don’t fight with. However, their z abilities are still used to buff your core during the fight. This means that the bench of a team is also pretty important. As far as team building, for you it’s pretty straight forward. You’re best option will be a Fusion/Saiyan team.
Core: SS Vegito (purple), Vegito (red) and SS Blue Goku (blue)
Bench: SS Gotenks (purple), Raditz ex (blue) and SS Goku (red)

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Thank you very much, but what other teams can i build? Like android or frieza something?

You could make a compromised Frieza Force team but I would recommend a saiyan team just like the other person said. You simply dont have the right units for a lineage of evil or Frieza Force. On the other hand you have some really good saiyan units.

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Android and freiza force are the weakest teams in the game rn so I don’t recommend bothering with them.

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Androids are slated up to get some support soon, so I wouldn’t count them out quit yet. There are two team building philosophies. ‘Core & Bench’ strategy is what was described well above. 3 members are your synergized fighters, the bench is z abilities that preferably would benefit all 3.

The other strategy (harder when starting out) is building a team that has all colors and one flex. usually these teams all share a tag (and therefore all benefit from each others z abilities). Some examples are Regen, God Ki, Androids, etc. Wit the units you have above, it looks like Saiyan would be your best bet, running EX TRUNKS, SP Kid Trunks, SP Blue Goku, and SS Vegeta. I would definitely try to avoid PvP for a bit until you can build up a larger roster. This event has some great opportunities for that!

Slated to get support yes, but as the topic is about building a team for him to use rn, I can’t really suggest building an android team. They’re still one of the worst atm so making and using one now is not a good idea. You’re not necessarily counting them out, you’re just avoiding the current bad state they’re in.

I’m not to shure about this one, have you seen the recent whale teams? Fusion with Vegito and Gogeta, God Ki, Son Family… All saiyan or SSJ… I’ve got a team running atm as followed:

  • Broly: Fury (red) <— anti Goku and Vegeta
  • Golden Frieza (green) <— Ant saiyan
  • one of these: Either FF Frieza (yellow) <— Anti saiyan or Chilled (purple) <— gives 80%!!! blast boost against SSJ when killed.


  • Either FF Frieza or Chilled
  • EX Coora (blue) <— Movies boost
  • EX 3rd form Frieza (purple) <— Anti Regen

This team actually goes well against alot of teams, the only ones that can really hurt this team is Female or Future

Theyre anti meta, that doesn’t make them inherently strong. Theyre just a counter. Place it against things like regen, future etc and their performance drops significantly. Additionally I’ve personally had little issue against counter teams. Technically it doesn’t even really counter son family if they have the better line ups as anti saiyan wont apply to gohan and goten. A way to counter them is to bring Vegeta (purple) cuz of the rebalance. Even then the team is entirely offense, low defense and no heals. Its not awful, but its pretty specific in match ups and isnt that well balanced.

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Yeah you’re right about that, but seeing Broly:Fury is still a good fighter which was easy to get to 7 stars, Golden Frieza is a beast and if you bring Final Form Coora instead of EX Coora along that makes a great team to fight even regen teams or future.

Yea broly is decent, sorta glass cannon tho like the rest of the team. His 7 star unfortunately is mostly useless for the team other than some stat boosts for him unless you bring coora. The whole team is just sorta situational.

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