Hi, need help with my team

Hi everyone! I have been playing DB Legends for a while now, and I so frickin lost on how to make a good team. I woul really appreciate some help.

(I’ll find a way to upload more images, I can only put one here)

I really don’t know how works the team building for PvP… I’m open to all suggestions and cool ways to improve my characters!

I’m also would like to make friends to play with, so, yeah!

SP SuperSaiyan4Goku(Purple)
SP SuperSaiyanKidGoku(Green)
SP SuperSaiyanGodSSGoku(Blue)
SP SuperSaiyan3Goku(Purple)
EX Vegeta(Green)
SP SuperSaiyanGoku(Red)

Also friendly advice you have some units at 5 and 4 stars. Grind out the daily rewards from co-op. Go to the exchange shop when you have 1000 tokens and buy the 100 multi z power for units that have 4 stars or more. Keep doing this and you can limit break some of those characters to 6 stars and get their upgraded z ability. If I were you I would try to limit break the SP SuperSaiyanKidGoku(Green)

If your units z power is like this or greater (this unit is 4 stars) it wont take too long to limit break them