Hidden Power Mechanics in PoGo?

Hello again. Was looking around at the databases and can’t find hidden powers mechanics anywhere. Maybe I’m missing it i dont know. Does HP benefit from stab or weather boost etc.? I’ll use Ho-oH as an example, I have fast TMed 2 go-ohs to flying HP, and the other Fire HP. (Walked away with a few fighting hp also. Does hidden power have the same damage stats/cool downs regardless of type What’s going on here? Somehow better than extrasensory or steel wing?

Per my understanding, Hidden Power type is effected by STAB and weather boost, i.e. your HP-flying and HP-fire will deal 11 DPS
In PvP, Hidden Power is as good as Mud Slap aside from the added bonus of being unpredictable and possibly having STAB.

Its little worse (sans STAB) than Extrasensory in PvE: 10 DPS and 10 EPS, vs 10.9 and 10.9

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Thank you. Much appreciated