High Brunhilda suggestion

I have 2 5* adventurers namely summer Celliera and Xainfried. Both of them have burn Res. Which one do you think will be more useful on high Brunhilda? Which prints and dragons should I use?

I haven’t seen as much of summer Celery since she’s new, but both adventurers are solid options for HBH. I haven’t checked the numbers, but I think Celery probably does more damage while Xainfried has a more desirable co-ability. Xainfried may be overshadowed by Fjorm but is still more than good enough. As long as you don’t try to bring him to lance only Fjorm cheese groups you’ll be fine.

Given all that, I’d say build whichever you have more fun playing. The best dragon for these two would be either MUB Leviathan or MUB Siren. MUB Vodavoy is sufficient if you don’t have the five star dragons. For wyrmprints you’ll definitely want the HBH print. If you need more survivability you can run Crystallian Envoy for the second print. Otherwise I’d bring a good offensive print like Resounding Rendition.

HBH is a very challenging fight, but is rewarding once you learn it. Good luck!


Thank you.

ta for great response, i’ve been pondering this same question as i have summer celly and xani built up for this fight or lily and thaniel waiting in wings but not sure who to start learning the battle with.