High investment projects for a flyer team?

I’ve been obsessed with running flyers now that F Morgan’s refines out as it provides with goad flyers +7 to allies atk and spd. Atm my permanent stays seen to be F Morgan for her buffig and L Robin cause I need something to get past bows but I’m looking for some other units I can invest a bit more into. I’ve mostly thought about Reyson for a support unit and Caeda, cherche or maybe Elincia if I want to try the 5 star exclusive poll. Any other suggestions on builds and other units?

Beruka, Subaki, Michalis, Aversa, Sigrun, S!Loki, and HS!Camilla are some good picks. There’s also Regular Camilla that also buffs thanks to her prf.


Altina is amazing(and a much better archer counter than L!Robin).
If you’re contemplating Reyson(and willing to try for a 5* exclusive), I’d suggest Leanne. She’s much more min-maxed than Reyson and with the new DW makes for a decent mage/dragon counter. Her high res also makes her prime for debuffing with ploys and sabotages(I run mine with DW/Sabotage Spd/Def Ploy/Atk Ploy)
Aversa’s PRF completely dismantles most team comps(and is particularly amazing at giving L!Azura the finger).
Beruka’s PRF can make her a decent wall; Haar can also be a made a HUGE defensive wall


Sorry I’m behind. What is this?

Distant Ward.

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Ah yeah altina I nearly forgot about her, although I hate pulling on legendary banners I think she was in a hero rises to 8 so I hope she wins.
I have actually already have built leanne (pity breaker on L alms first banner) she’s done the tean very well although I’m not the biggest fan of her shaky def bulk Which is over exemplified by mines minus def nature
I don’t think I have pulled enough beruka’s to build her or one with a good nature and haar is interesting but I don’t have enough grails probs cause I only started play AR a month ago

the last thing I wanna be caught building is S!Loki or HS!Camilla :feh_morganagrom:

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They’re good units though. Just don’t have them open when someone like your parents are watching. And don’t play with animations on (which most don’t).

Unless they play FEH and/or understand why your phone screen is filled with a half naked girl with gigantic boobs.

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Altina has natural flying weakness immunity, but if you’re on a budget or unlucky you can run a wyvern with aote shield or whatever it’s called. But we will probably be getting altina for free, and if we don’t your flying team wont matter because I will personally see to the end of the world.

Brave micaiah is a great choice. Those debuffs are ridiculous, and with all the flier buffs it turns into a huge point swing.

Sees flyers

Ok. So for red I’ll say Caeda, Altina (obv less attainable) and V!Catria is also fun to use. Altina build is fairly simple, but here’s my Caeda build (pretend a slot is r duel flying and maybe have Galeforce)

For blue Catria easily. Otherwise Est is nice too and Tsubasa is also great though less attainable. Here’s roughly the Catria build I want to do

For green there’s Reyson, Beruka, Camilla, Cherche mainly. Oh and B!Micaiah who’s also super good. Reyson for support, Beruka for physical tank, Camilla as mixed support/tank and Cherche as offense. B!Micaiah for res tank, offense and debuffer. Here’s roughly my future Beruka build

Those 3 flying builds are all for Arena so don’t worry about some of the skills

For colourless I dunno. B!Fjorm is really really good and cool but harder to get

Of these for cheap I’d say Caeda though I’m super bias Catria and Camilla.

For more expensive, Altina, B!Micaiah, Tsubasa, B!Fjorm


This is what I would do
Plus, the +10 mythics help for AR O

Bruh those are some nice builds!
thou I know most of those are just examples :feh_morganagrom:
I’ve been thinking about building a Caeda for a while actually I think she fits the team quite well
Ex build: (+6 cause I think that’s how much copies I’ve got of her)

Her, Reyson, F Morgan and L Robin would make quite a balanced team I’d say.

some other flyers I’ve got would be Tibarn, Naesala, L Ryoma, Myrrh, Elincia, leanne, B Micaiah, BR ninian, Flying Olivia, Cherche and even Bridal Fjorm

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Bruh I can’t even stand pulling for one unit on a legendary banner

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That planned Caeda looks pretty nice. Mine performs really well in Arena even without all the skills she needs.

Caeda, Palla, or Aversa are your best bets I’d say. Aversa is especially useful, given her high HP and Sudden Panic effect from Aversa’s Night.


Subaki, Clair, or Cordelia would be my recommendations. Subaki is a fairly beefy aerial tank, Clair is basically a blue Caeda, and Cordelia is widely regarded as a powerful initiator.


Camilla, Beruka, Reyson.
Camilla is quite useful as an aerial Ward unit, with her weapon giving her a native Goad, allowing her to give notable AoE combat buffs to allies. Beruka is a titanically powerful physical wall, and her Axe makes her even more dangerous with a passive Guard effect. Reyson is a Dancer with an AoE Renewal that makes him exceptionally good for sustainability.


Eir is a good, free, mage-counter unit. Or, if you still have your CYL free summon available, Brave Camilla is a notoriously powerful aerial healer; but both of these will be harder to merge.


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Cordelia is nuts. She kills almost everything but the toughest greens. You can tell a good unit if it doesn’t care about the weapon triangle much. She doesn’t care about it.


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