Hippowdon and gible investment

Hi everyone, seems like sinnoh event is going just fine for me till now I got a 93%gible and a hippowdon, the gible investment is going to happen for sure, the question is should I invest on hippowdon too? Bcuz I’m seriously lacking of ground types and for now I can afford the investment, lemme know what u think😊

But Hippowdon lack any ground fast moves, so for what you want him?

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It still has some fast moves that pair well with ground.

Just Fire fang for Steel.

If op really need Ground, just Use Excadrills, Rhyperiors, CD Flygons, even Mamoswines.

I would not invest in Hippowdon, it’s awful

If he have those pkm, he won’t “seriously lacking of ground type”

i missed flygon cd and rhyperior’s cd was too much rainy to go out the only actual ground type i have is mamo with avalanche and bulldoze and thats why i was counting on hippowdon since it already is almost perfect but i checked againg and i saw that even rhydon is a better choice, well i hope that my gible 14/15/13 will be

But Rhyperior Ground moveset isnt legacy or CD locked, if you was unable to play in Rhyhorn CD. Dunno how rare is Drilbur in your area, but if its like in mine( uncommon, but not that much) Excadrill is great. And also Swampert can fill Ground role decently.