Hisuian Pokemon

Its a long-shot, but I’d wager there’s going to be new Hisuian regional forms released at the end of January/beginning of February to coincide with the release of Legends: Arceus. Personally, my bet is on Wyrdeer (Stantler’s evo) as a raid boss/reward and maybe H-Voltorb as a wild spawn.

And come on, who’s not excited for stone-age Scyther?!?


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As someone who stopped playing MSG after Diamond and didn’t even know alternate forms existed until PoGo…yes please to all the new things

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I’d definitely have a couple of those.

That said, will they actually do this before next season?

They’ve set off on the Dragonspiral Zekrom, Reshiram and Kyurem route now, does that in some way, after a likely lengthy detour via Johto, lead us to Kyurem B/W at the end of Feb?

Then they can dedicate season March-May to Arceus and all it’s attendant new forms? I’d be really happy with that actually.

Basculegion sounds cheerful, an angry fish fueled by the souls of deceased angry fish

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I think they will do a partial release tie-in and slow release; similar to how the Galarian 'mon weren’t released all at once. I don’t think the Dragonspiral thingy was anything other than a way to release Druddigon, might be wrong but I’m not expecting anything extra (especially with all the holiday stuff going on now).

Yes!! Don’t know why but I also see voltorb as a common spawn and a big fella as a raid boss. Some very good designs here