HM Farming Question

I’ve been itching to focus on using the Rival Domains to farm HM. I’ve seen vids where you just need two phases to beat with certain units.

I was curious, what is Nintendos stance on Auto Tap apps? Is it considered cheating? I’ve seen topics over a year old on other sites. I’d like to use an auto tap app so I can do that while I work. However, I dont want to lose my hard earned units and time with some type of ban.

I’ve also tried to search if people ever been banned but never topics or what their reasons were.

Thoughts? Here’s a neat Lysithea pic for tax.


I’ve never used such programs nor would I want to risk it but that pic is beautiful


You “can” use them, but IS doesn’t like 3rd party programs in their game

I mean I use auto tapping apps cuz my phone be turning off on me if I do auto battle and it just goes too slow so auto tap makes everything go faster

I’ve got no idea.

But the art is very nice.

Anyways I wouldn’t personally risk it. However if you want to then go ahead. I dunno how IS looks at this issue :feh_marththink:


Didn’t I already show you that?

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I mean why would they sit and watch how frequently you tap on your screen, people text faster than an auto tapper can tap

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And it’s no less beautiful now


Fair enough. It is pretty good.

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This exactly. I’ve seen how you can program it to tap in a radius so it’s not the same. I dont know how they’d implement was to identify auto tapping. I just wanna save time and do the HMs haha


Ok as for the actual question, technically you aren’t supposed to use apps for this stuff and you could get banned, I’ve personally done it a lot of times and have been fine. So you’re probably fine if you wanted to.


You see I’m on mobile and I use a auto tapper that can put as many points of where you want the app to tap and so… I don’t even know how to explain it xd might just send a screenshot

This is wut my screen looks like on tap battle most of the time, and even auto battle sometimes

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That seems extreme. Mine is way simpler. It just needs 4 taps to go on it’s own and do auto battle.

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I literally zoom through stuff so I don’t mind

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