HoF B Micaiah: Close Reversal or Atk/Res Unity?

Need some help deciding which skill to keep I know Atk/Res Unity is better for B Micaiah but close reversal is so tempting to keep because of how rare it is! Any advice? Thanks so much! :pleading_face:


Close Reversal is only useful for Vantage strategies on B-Micaiah (or any Micaiah, for that matter)

Micaiah has really, REALLY crap Def and low HP and she won’t be surviving multiple combats against melee units unless she blasts her foes apart first, and I’d argue Close Foil is better for that purpose because of the +5 Atk against most of what she’ll be baiting

So I’d go Unity of the two. Overall though I’d aim for a Catch (ideally Atk/Res Catch) or Sturdy Impact as her A skill