HoF: Cool Builds & Tough Choices

Trust one of the last few torches to offer Close Foil to my experimental mixed-bulk Xander (which has actually been performing decently). Should I take it?

What about y’all? Show off your builds! Tell us how they work! Lament the bad RNG or revel in the good. What agonizing options have you been offered? Who’s getting that sweet Forma Soul if you have one?

Personally I’ve seen some fun combos take shape this round, even if every lull has been wrong for the unit (I mean, I guess Lull Def could help a dragon in limited situations…) but Sleepy M!Corrin here has been making better use of Atk/Spd Ruse anyway.

Anyway. Show yaselves. Gush, talk strat, whatever. We be curious.