HoF Myrrh help

I’m building H!Myrrh as a near save tank and the below screenshot is what I’ve got so far.
Obviously I’m going to change the special but I’m wondering if I should change her A and B skills.
I know that fighter skills are optimal for armour units and that H!Myrrh is more def oriented, but the combination of blackfire breath + att/res unity makes me feel like dragon wall might just be viable.
Also the debuff negation of the unity skill is nice, but I’m wondering if the guard effect of a tier 4 stance would be more valuable.
So I’d like to collect opinions: can I stick with this or is it not worth sacrificing access to a modern fighter skill and guard?

I think crafty fighter is a neat B for her, that’s what im trying to get but so far no luck

This is what ive got going for now


Me too :smiley:

And also Close DEF 4 xD

But no luck^^

Pale, CD4, Crafty, and any near save is ideal.

Pale negates penalties on her 2 most important stats. CD4 offers both Def/Res against anyone who’ll attack and nullifies their bonuses. Crafty guards. And save is save.

Blackfire is much more rare so I’d suggest keeping that, but inheriting pale from Ena, and D/R near save is best for the same reason blackfire is: rarity.


I guess I’ll keep rolling for skills then. My main thought with the current set was that there aren’t any melee DR negators, are there (are there?).
That said, I can’t deny the efficacy of the build you suggested.
Who knows, maybe I’ll get lucky with hero fest (still have half my tickets) and I won’t even need to use a soul.

I’m fairly skeptical of Dragon Wall on her. My experience with it in HoF myself is that I’d almost always have preferred a fighter skill, because she just doesn’t just kill stuff consistently in one shot and, with near save, her defense stats are beefy enough that she doesn’t take a lot of damage anyway if she has an okay matchup. She can still get the follow-up off of QR in the seal slot, I suppose, but that has a much more restrictive HP threshold than fighter skills and doesn’t give her any extra perks, plus it means giving up on extra stats. Someone like Nagi would probably be a better Dragon Wall user, because her slaying breath means she can use Steady Breath or similar to aim on one-shotting with Iceberg, so missing out on the double might not mean as much, but Myrrh can’t really do that.

And Blackfire Breath doesn’t work with Save skills. Those turn off solo conditions. So even though it’s rare and not too bad, if you’re giving her a Save skill I have a very hard time seeing you ever getting use out of Blackfire, so I don’t see why you would ever want it over Pale Breath. In which case you’re getting some debuff canceling, so you may as well go for Crafty in the B slot. I find Guard makes a pretty big difference on slower units, since taking more hits usually means giving the enemy more special charge and specials do a lot of damage, so I’d say that’s something you definitely want in some manner.

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I didn’t notice save turning off the solo skill. If that’s the case, then I suppose I can’t really use it. In any case getting pale breath outside of HoF isn’t exactly difficult.
As for dragon wall I wasn’t really thinking about killing units, I just wanted her to protect my ranged units so I could pick off anything left alive next player phase. Then again, I suppose that’s just asking to get molested by WoM units.
Hopefully I can get a fighter skill before the end of the event (I haven’t actually seen crafty fighter yet) but if all else fails I still have the gatrie manual to compile.
Knowing my luck Myrrh will get a refine that renders my skill choices pointless anyway :D