HoF Speculation (again)

Not really speculation but a trend that’s become apparent and a place for y’all to guess.

Since HoF implemented the purchasing gimmick, the unit’s offered have steered heavily towards alternates.

Leif and Finn were OG’s, but Rein and Olwen had their 2nd alts.

Roy, Lilina, and Cecilia were alts and Thea doesn’t have any atm.

Now all 4 (Lyn, Nino, Ninian, Flora) are alts. I don’t know if this is escalation or a coincidence, but I’m pretty sure it’s a trend. And I don’t want to pat myself on the back, but last HoF thread I figured they’d continue chronologically with the games, and it looks like I was right.

So next game is… Sacred Stones? Awesome, but quite a small pool to choose from. So which alts are we getting?

Fingers crossed for winter Ephraim, Anemnesis Eirika, OG Myrrh, and… Innes or Tethys I guess?


It’s not just alts, because they’ve also had a Grail unit every single time. It seems to skew toward the TT grail units too (W!Cecilia, Finn), so my guess is Joshua or Marisa are guaranteed. Possibly both. They’re not opposed to having two units with the same color in a HoF event.

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Pls as little armors as possible… They are too annoying to try using in HoF half the time…


The last one had Brave Roy and this one has Brave lyn. Maybe they are doing all of the Brave units.

The Drag that was Draug… W!Cecilia wasn’t bad though once Thea became a Bus. I do not enjoy using Armor units though so I do agree.


I like W!Cecilia but HoF scarred me with her. FB4 like 3 times as an option and no fighter skills…


It’s likely that we’re getting Gleipnir Eirika, Brave Ephraim and Innes for being key units in their game. For Grail units, Joshua or Marisa, but I’d rather have Myrrh.

Yeah I never once got a fighter skill, even after completing the chambers and giving her every single first kill (was curious if Armor Stride would show up)

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I wanted special fighter but never got it. I got Broadleaf fan though.

I think my Cecilia ended on the bucket. Also not that good since I don’t remember running into many dragons if any at all…


Meanwhile I feel like I get all of the F!F!Corrin and F!Tiki

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Here's how mine ended up.

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W!Eirika, B!Ephraim, Joshua/Marissa and Cormag and we have all four colors or OG!Ephraim, W!Eirika, Myrrh and Joshua/Marissa so we have less armors. I’d love to see Lyon there, but im not too sure about it.

What scares me is, if I end with a HoF unit i like, will i be able to get all the skills? or will I be screwed like I’ve been in all of the HoF before it? chan chan chaaan

The one thing that I noticed is that one HoF unit since the forma soul addition was always available as a Compile manual thing (Leif, Lilina and now Nino + Ninian, but I wouldnt count her).

The only SS units in the paper shop are Amelia and W.Ephraim. I’m guessing Amelia.
Then there should be one TT(based on Finn, Cecilia and Flora) unit like Joshua.

Then we can add OG.Ephraim and W.Eirika and we’re done.

This limits our scope of available units quite a bit.

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Think I mentioned on the other thread but mage Ericka, OG Ephraim, OG Lyon and Myrrh. I’ve had that guess for a while now (but honestly Eph is a hard call, I could see even Brave or legendary, maybe winter)

Maybe a Tana and Innes, but I’ll be very surprised, especially if they do one without the other.

Good observation

Do everything you can to ensure your primary unit gets the first kill every time so you have more chances to reroll those skills.

Once you hit the wall climbing the ladder, drop back to the very first hall so there’s no threat in those reroll tries.

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If it happens, I’ll try to do it like that. I hope I can also get all the toilet papers :crossed_fingers:t2::sparkles:

Those top 5 Halls are bullshit. Only way to realistically get past them I’d to wait until there are only 3 enemies. Going into it with 5 enemies is suicide, and 4 is usually far too difficult.

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Totally, I don’t know what were they thinking :man_facepalming: