Holiday cup

Is there any logic behind the typings? Why the hell are ghosts and electric and normal allowed? I expected water and rock, maybe fire…
Anyway, at least this is a cup where I don’t have to invest and froslass plus lanturn can shine (hihi). maybe not in one team though…
Again, alowak is the main meta, plus altaria, that’s a bit boring.
However, looks like a neat cup with a broad outer meta sphere (13 mons arer rated 90 plus at pvpoke, that’s comparable to open meta!)

Ghost logic: Christmas past, Christmas present, Christmas future. Sorry if this isn’t part of your culture.

Electric: remember when the cat in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation chewed on the Christmas tree lights, and then Clark lit up the whole neighborhood causing an electrical short?


Can you elaborate on the Christmas ghost culture? Don’t get it. Guess I don’t understand many cultural references ;)
Ok, electric - but then basically anything can be holiday type…

It is even more interesting to note that electric and normal do not have counters which can use stab bonus unless the mon has a sub typing of ground or fighting. For ground not so much of a problem there is torterra and gligar but for fighting I can’t see any fighting type except for breloom and maybe chesnaught. Of course counter users will be there but I feel fighters should have been included

On a different note obstagoon’s night slash and cross chop combo will not be completely walled by anything iirc and will always be able to do at least neutral damage

Charles Dickens wrote a story/book, however, Bill Murray starred in a cable TV Christmas classic, Scrooged. That had ghostly characters: past, present, future. Really just the M.O. of invasive cultures, take it, then make it

Ah ok. Thought direction japanese Christmas culture which I was not aware of. Did not anticipate that they’re going more the US way, but ok. Thanks.

@medusasBasilisk - yep, counter users will be enough fighting I guess :D cross chop from the goon doesn’t deal that much damage, but it is so fast that at least one usually has to be shielded… Always ironic that the double fighting move mon is double weak to fighting :D

The cross chop keeps it competitive in the vigorath matchup which is what surprises me the most considering its double weakness to vigorath’s counter

Vigoroth is gonna feast. I think most of the time when silph tourneys run normal types they ban it.

The types really don’t have much to do with holidays right? What does “Normal” say about any holiday?

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Normal in Pokémon has been associated with mammals, such as Miltank, Stantler, etc. This symbolizes/brings in the Holiday animals such as reindeer, sheep, and assorted forest mammals which have come to be associated with Holiday stories. Perhaps also for the “normalness” that contrasts with the splendor of the Holidays? But mostly to counter Ghost-types. :stuck_out_tongue:

Electric is for all the lights and (electric) decorations used in Christmas (at least in the US). Might also have something to do with Rudolph’s nose? :nose:

Ghost as has been stated, because of all the stories with Christmas spirits (perhaps even for Saint Nick?).

Ice because of all the snow…

Flying for the reindeer (or other animals, I know some cultures have a different beast pulling Santa’s sleigh).

Makes sense to me but I know I’ve got a little bit different wiring up top. :crazy_face: Honestly, I think this will be a very fun, very balanced cup. Wish it went for longer than one week though!


You’ve all missed the obvious electric type link.

Pikachu in a hat.


I guess after all they should’ve named it Christmas holiday cup :smiley:

All this time niantic does things that make no sense. And now you guys are questioning the eligible typings for Holiday cup. I say you’re overthinking this; they just picked some random typings for the cup

Other than that I was hoping for something like a christmas/winter cup with limited typings that would actually fit the theme. I think thats too much to ask for though

On a side note, as long as oppressing fast movers are allowed, I’m glad our saviour A-wak is allowed to save the day and counter them

What typings do you think would fit the Christmas/Holiday theme?

Something like Ice, water, fairy, dark, fire

I’m just hoping for Snover with X-mas ornaments on it. I don’t think that’s a difficult ask. The rest is gravy and noise.


Well, halloween, flying and little cup made sense ;)

I got one thanks to the Catch Cup, but Bibarel vs A-Wak is hilarious. Some probanly think they still have a chance bc it is a daily trash catch, they have a zero percent chance

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Not even when the run rock smash :D (which I wanted to run just for fun, but in the end I did not…). Never saw a bibarel in pvp though…

Fighting in the southern hemisphere, should we be allowed to use fire instead of ice?


@stativision It seems like a bad idea but it could get a win. 2 shields vs 0 shields. Bibarel has issues as one would expect, coming in ranked 122nd on a limited cup. Same neighborhood as Manectric and Dunsparce