Holy Night's Aurora CC. Quick or Buster?

Fair enough, I usually only use busters when the buffs are up and/or I’ve generated enough stars, by which point I’d prefer a damage boost (servant bonus dmg) or pierce invul/sure hit where applicable.

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Quick. Put the EA code and the Ishtar buster crit code on the other buster when we get it.

No one use Quick to gain star anymore, so there’s no such thing as doubling down. You use Quick because you use Skadi/Inshun and you want to crit. In team play you have supports and CEs to flood you with stars. In solo you want a more constant flow of stars instead of having a turn of Quick and a turn of damage. I’ll say for Hinako you want to slap it on her Buster so you can BQQEX or NPBBEX as often as possible and not lose the momentum.

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With QSH you really do want to incorporate his strong Quick into your chains when feasible for the additional stars unless you’re running something like a 3x2030 team, in which case you’re losing damage out the other end.

Edit: specific to Yu, I agree, though. Forgot for a moment what the original topic was.

Please don’t remind me of the reason I benched my QSH. That dude is just short a few stars to do NPAQEX every turn while solo and I don’t have the tools to allow that. If you can do that somehow though, then he’s almost invulnerable.

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With QSH’s np doesn’t it suck up all the stars for himself? I found that two 2030’s are more than enough to fuel QSH’s engine. Even one is enough if you have Hans and an event ce that makes 4 stars. Having the Anniversary Blonde or Tropical Summer mystic code can help if arts cards are available and his np isn’t active.

2x 2030 is amazing, but you have a consistency problem if you depend solely on them AND if you draw too many QSH cards in a turn.

Their star gather++ isn’t an advantage when it’s a full or nearly full spread of their own face cards.

Well in regards to QSH, neither the CC nor the 2030s are enough to fuel his machine. Assuming your ideal QSH machine means he gets to NP every turn, then you have way more problem than that:

  1. If he’s flying solo, he doesn’t generate enough stars to 100% all his cards, even with MLB 2030 on him.
  2. If he’s in a team, he doesn’t generate enough charge to NP every turn, plus his cards don’t always come up, making a leak in both charge and damage.

If we have a CE with NP gen and star gen split, a CC for NP charge, and a CC for stars, then maybe our dreams of NPAQEX every turn can come true. But for now, our perfect lifeform will never perform perfectly in any environment currently available.

Edit: Yes I know it’s quite unrealistic to demand a servant to perform perfectly and all, considering nigh-immortality is a really high ceiling. I’m just bummed that we have something with the potential to have 150% ATK and crit up and be invulnerable 100% of the time, but no tool to realize it.

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I’ve found that NPing every turn or usually every other turn in a team is realistic with 2030 support assuming a big NP Gain CE on QSH and for as long as card RNG cooperates or can be locked.

Obviously one or two rounds of getting flooded with supports’ face cards puts on the brakes, as can having QSH cards unfortunately distributed.

Fortunately, in two years, we’ll be given the tool to make nigh-immortality and 150% ATK and crit up team possible in the form of Castoria and Himiko! A team of them and Memelin is ultra disgusting and can only be overcome by regular dispels. I’m sorry Lord Emperor, but it seems you won’t be part of the ultimate perfect team after all.

Edit: Pardon. It’s actually regular dispels or at least 4 AoE attacks every turn. Good f**king luck future bosses.


Interesting, an ideal QSH machine for me is using his np every 3 turns or to never let his np effects expire. If I can get 2 stacks, then that’s a bonus. Getting his np every turn requires a lot of babysitting and it’s not sustainable for very long, at most 3 or 4 turns. Using Hans and Merlin, I can comfortably get his np every 3 or 4 turns with minimal brain power.

I’m not a Himiko fan so far; will likely stay with NP5 QSH as my token non-damaging NP survival beat stick.

At most I might grab one copy of Himiko just to have the option to deploy her.

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Himiko with Castoria is disgusting I think I teared up when I watched Plushie Mistress’ run with them. Himiko looks and plays like a bumbling idiot but who knew OC buff tied to an NP can do that. I thought a stable Arts looping support is bad but turns out that’s not even Castoria’s final form! If there’s something that can incite QSH’s strengthening then it’d be those two, and I dread the day the QSH looks weak enough to get a strengthening.

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She’s good at what she does; I just don’t feel her yet. QSH works for me mainly because of character favoritism. The crits are pretty, but the play style isn’t important for my roster, so definitely a luxury pick.

Putting Holy Night’s Aurora CC on Arts Card would be the “better” in many cases but since Yu has only one arts card, it would be best to engrave it on her quick cards instead of buster, and engrave one of the np generating/critical stars absorb CC on her arts card to help her gain NP faster/easier.

Lastly, if you need more reference/help/advice regarding command codes, the following thread could be a help:

Command Code Thread - Fate/Grand Order / FGO Discussion - GamePress Community

I guess after her strengthening you can make a case for her to “NP as often as possible” but as it is right now Yu’s focus is really to attack as much as possible while the buffs from her teammate is up. Which is why I recommend Buster because that’s the major source of damage.

Arts card is my answer too. If you are putting all the best CC on her, busters slots are basically tied to wedge of heaven and the mistress of heaven, outside of some niche application. Her quicks are good enough and probably better of with some utility like good wife. Gaining stars while using arts card is too good

I usually put CC which generate stars at Quick or Arts. For Yu’s buster card, placing critical atk up CC would be better since her Quick cards can generate lots of stars.

I predict @Gou will have NP5 Himiko in two years.


I vote Buster card, so she could buster chain (more damage) and still get enough stars for the next turn.