Holy s-t,finally!

I have waited so long to pull this off,blue heads are going to roll


Rip anyone who gets hit by that Regnal Astra.

Wait does this mean Rebecca can’t double her?

It already one round +10 blue armored unit’s,nowi and even wall lucas now with the added atk and more speed It’s going to be like :truck: kun lol.

Lol now I’m curious about your Rebecca :eyes:

Here’s what she’s gonna look like


Your ayra maybe good but I have one thing that can beat her…

Sure hope her Regnal Astra is not ready tho

I was thinking if ayra ever got a wrath refine I would use null follow up.I dodge them like the plague with this build lol.

Ever had a all red team in arena and the enemy had shareena with sapphire lance and swordbreaker did not end pretty,but ayra pulled through.

SS4 incoming

Damn, that Ayra looks fuckin’ awesome.

Congratz dude!


I use HS sakura to usually buff her speed and cool down charge which is why I normally run atk wave skill on her.

Wrath: exists

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Your killing my mareeta :sob:

Damn, assuming she’s in Wrath range before combat, a Regnal Astra proc destroys any blue with less than 90 physical bulk. Both Lukas may survive that (given minimal merges and investement), but damn, that gotta hurt. Don’t let that thing get close to your greens.

Holy crap, that is a scary Ayra. That Regnal Astra destroys worlds.

Meanwhile I have never pulled her.

I got close to nowi quite a few times

this nowi was
+def with steadybreath,can’t remember effie

Now with another b atk/spd anything is possible :smirk:

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Really impressive though.

That shows how much a good special can change the game.

Nowi was not running Guard, was she?
Effie is not that tanky. She’s one of the squishiest armors in fact.

It really does,just hope more characters get specials that give them an edge