Holy shit, this event is inane Garbo

I’ve NEVER saw an event like this since Halloween 2018 or Let’s GO Meltan. Trust me.

  • Most boring and uninspired raid bosses, ever, why Rayquaza even? I don’t need this guy returning every 3 to 4 months. Gibles also spawn at 1% rate at tier 2s in rates that Go FEST would be proud. You would be better off trying to run into Gibles in the wild
  • Deinos are the crux of this event but there are ZERO Deinos hatched from around 20 7kms during day 1. No research tasks or no raids giving them either. And their spawn rate isn’t even boosted!!!
  • When I hatch 7kms, I get anything BUT a single Deino or shiny, and I’ve hatched inane shit like Swablue and Horsea 90% of the time. I’ve hatched a grand total of 3 Gibles, with no shiny to be recorded.
  • Event Spawns seem to VERY seldomly spawn in incense
  • Axew? WHERE IS AXEW??

This has the potential to become a fun event but it’s literally just a naked attempt to farm players from egg incubator money and raid passes. In fact not even raid passes since the only thing that would probably catch your attention was the Tier 2 Gibles who almost never spawns.

If at anything the next thing they will do is to release Precipice Blades Groudon as a raid day exclusive then force you to buy Elite TMs. Also part of the reason is that I no longer feel amusement or joy when playing this game AT ALL, the last time I saw a shiny Gible, it was from Pokemon GO fest and I didn’t even feel any accomplishment from it. I’ve heard from the Pokeminer’s group that someone’s 6 year old son found a shiny Gible and basically went so excited that he bursted in tears. I have no such attachment and I might even forgot that I had a Shiny Garchomp somewhere in my box.

I agree, it is a very nice event :slight_smile:
Tons of dratini and bagons, really cool. Deino in special research, dunno where else, but that’s alright. Finally again the chance to get rayquaza, cool. And of course those trapinch wave, letting me finally evolve some shadow flygons, which I wanted to use in GL/UL


Then do everyone a favour and quit.


The last time Ihad a Shiny Gible in GO fest I went excited for 3 minutes trying to spread it onto discord and Telegram and it’s half-frozen in my box now.

This evnt is decent. My alt can make finally Dragonites, caught few Bagons and Gibles,

My alt got perfect Dratini, i have shiny. And this event is already half day!

Yesterday I put on a single incense and caught enough Dratini to max out my hundo. On the way home from work caught even more, so Shadow Dragonair is getting powered too. Caught a shiny A-Exeggutor, lots of Bagon and Trapinch, finally got a Rayquaza entry today. By the end of the week I’m going to be knee-deep in dragons. Very nice event :smile:

Stop ranting, please, just enjoy the event. And you have the Unova week to look forward to as well as shiny Deoxys.

Though I absolutely resent your ranting topics, I am absolutely with you on this. This event adds nothing to little to those who have been grinding for at least a year now.

I think last time Rayquaza was here was last year August, when it’s Shiny version was released as well. Which is fine by me. Everything returns in this game, and so should Rayquaza. Would’ve been cool if it had Dragon Ascent, but hopefully that’ll come with it’s mega evolve then. That said, for those who already have done Rayquaza like a mad man back then - all there is is just getting some candy right now for those mega evolves. Other than that, it’s nothing exciting in particular, though still better than Kyurem. The only disappointing thing I find in this is that out of all the legendary dragon options in the game, they picked Rayquaza. Dialga, Palkia, Giratina-O, Reshiram, Zekrom, Kyurem have no shiny version yet, and the first three named haven’t returned for over a year (well, except for that one day during GO Fest).

The spawns are a slap in the face if - again - you’ve been playing this for a while. Everyone who has done the Jump Start Breakthrough has a quite solid Dragonite. Bagon has had it’s community day and even to new players, it’s kind of redundant in prowess when the more powerful Rayquaza is available at the same time, and Salamence’s C-day move is not available yet. I guess it’s nice for those who haven’t registered a Salamence in their dex yet. Trapinch, Swablu and Horsea don’t really deserve a mention since they’ve been featured in previous events.

But Deino and Gible are just a big finger to us. Deino doesn’t even spawn and is hatched rarily. This is just a hatch event if you’re hunting for that particularly event exclusive shiny, and those just suck up your money. That’s disgraceful. They said you could encounter a shiny Deino if you’re lucky, but without a scanner it’s highly unlikely you’ll even encounter one. (Honestly I’ve never even encountered one ever)

And Gible spawns, they’re boosted alright, but that is a big finger to the Go Fest players. Personally I was already sold by the fact that Gible would be boosted during the Go Fest. And it was. Most of us probably got a shiny and/or solid Gible, and now those who didn’t participate in those challenges or the Go Fest also get a chance at it. I mean - no offense to those who didn’t buy a ticket, you surely deserve a shiny Gible too at some point - fine by me that Go fest exclusives (though it wasn’t really exclusive, but our incense and shiny odds were much higher) get re-run at some point, but 1 week after the Go Fest is just dumb.

But your most valid point here is Axew. It’s still one of the rarest pokemon around and during a Dragon-type themed week, it’s still nowhere. Did they just forget about this thing? Haxorus is so cool, it’s such a shame.

Personally I am satisfied with the Dratini’s, since I’m always hunting for the rank one IV’s for GL/UL/ML, but this could’ve been so and so much more than it is right now.


All I’m hearing from the OP is “I’m entitled to what I want from this event and since I haven’t got what I wanted yet it’s garbage.” The event news post said Deino and Gible would be rare. Why are you complaining when your sample size is 20? 1 in 20 isn’t rare. Research tasks or raids wouldn’t be rare. It’s day 2 of the week long event, why are you complaining already?

These are all serious questions by the way. Think about your answers, don’t just type in a frenzy. Why do you deserve everything you want from this event within the first 2 days?

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means

My favorite part about these posts is when he never acknowledges anyone’s obvious annoyance with the rants.

Haters gon hate.

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I’m liking this event so far, to be honest. In my opinion, its got more than a few things going for it.

• My local community picked up quite a few newer players this summer who have been more than excited to raid Rayquaza. Even the veteran players are happy to raid something easy that isn’t Kyurem. Also, it’s awesome when the younger players get a shiny Rayquaza. That level of excitement is pretty much unparalleled.

• We get two guaranteed Deino from the timed research. This is pretty awesome for a lot of players who never had one, period, before this.

• A healthy number of Dragon spawns, which are otherwise very rare. At the very least, newer players will be able to easily build a Dragonite or three by the end of this week. Dratini and Bagon seem very common.

• Gible spawns! While these are still rare, their spawn rate is significantly higher than it typically is. We had a hundo called out in my area last night, and it was really cool seeing so many people come out for it. It’s been awhile since there was a big crowd for a wild spawn.

• Rare candy quests for catching Dragons!

• Dragon-themed egg hatches. Ok, so this one isn’t as impressive, as eggs more likely to just contain Swablu, Horsea, Trapinch, and the like. That said, when Niantic announced this event, they specifically stated that Gible and Deino would be rare hatches. So not getting one after hatching 20 eggs really shouldn’t be a surprise.

• What about Axew? While I would have liked to see an uptick in Axew spawns, Niantic never listed it as being part of this event. So, again, we shouldn’t be surprised that it isn’t showing up.

So for what was advertised, I think this event is pretty awesome. If you were expecting more than what Niantic told us we’d be getting, that’s not Niantic’s fault.


Only minus i can tell is absolutelu no Rayquaza raids. i see 9-10 gyms from home and after i woke up, there was only single 5* Raid, and during my little part of day i cant participate( family dinner)

9 gyms , 8 hours and just 1 Ray is insane…

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I’ve NEVER been able to raid much, im loving rayquaza being in raids with remote passes. I only came back playing for a year now, i was level 20 and stopped in 2017 so this is all pretty good for me at least
I’ve done about 12 rayquaza raids today which is the most I’ve done as i love this pokemon and i got a 14/15/15 shiny, so im really happy


Niantic uses artificial scarcity to encourage players to spend money and time. If you feel frustrated, you give them exactly what they want, strongs emotions that keep you playing because you will spend more time in the game trying to relieve that frustration. its the same in pvp and for that reason i dont play so much as before. Dont forget that is a free game, so dont make you have so much expectations, just play it. I get a good shiny rayquaza and i just spend one remote pass that i bought with free pokecoins. I didnt search it on propouse. Take it easy and yes, the events are kinda crap.


there it is, 777’s weekly rant

Can everyone please stop ranting about this event?! Just enjoy the fact that this game even exists and this ranting just gives me a headache.

Except for the actual go fests, cuz those look super fun.

Everyone is free to rant, provided they keep the rant civil. Is the rant annoying? Hell yes, but a forum is also for ranting. If you don’t enjoy reading rants, mute the topic.

Oh and look, I must be hyper lucky to have been got three Gibles from the eggs then.

And the fun fact is that there are still ZERO Shinies or Deinos. I had been hatching EVERYTHING from the 7km eggs but the Deino. There’s no way I can find Shinies from this thing, since at least last Sinnoh event or Easter event, at least Riolu has a decent hatch rate AND Shiny rate.

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