Honako Green 1-3* Tier List

Probably a bit late posting this, but I just finished watching Honako Green’s recently uploaded tier list for 1-3* in FGO. For those who don’t know, Honako Green is a bit infamous for his low rarity/welfare clears of game content.

Needless to say, it’s pretty interesting, even though most players rely on their gold servants or are primarily concerned with farming.

*Caveat: This tier list is based on boss fight/challenge quest content, not farming.
**Double Caveat: It’s also based on JP content, so some servants may be quite improved with strengthenings. Also, the video is the length of a movie. No joke.

Bonus content from Lostbelt 5-2:


Low-rarity clear (not by Honako) of one of the toughest boss fights in the game, starring Caligula… Asterios… and Black Grail Georgios??


I will watch this later

That guy also cleared Kirschtaria with Double George, Xiang Yu/Yu Miaoyi with double Salome + Asterios, Dioscuri with double Paris and Dark Rounds with Double Spartacus + David


This was actually a fun surprise when I first saw it pop up on YouTube the other day. Honako has really great inputs as to how he rated each and every one of them in the video. What suprised me the most though was that he segmented them rather than lumping them up in one mega list and start from there. Which does makes sense to avoid things from looking too messy and controversial.

I like Rexlent or xnaya better because those whaler reminded me of how salt tasted XD

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The several times he says ‘I like this character and want them to be better, but unfortunately this is their ranking’ or something along those lines is my situation with a lot of those same servants.

Also with the bit about a Cursed Arm NP upgrade, I’ve been wanting that for a while. Just give him one like Sasaki Kojirou and he’ll hit much harder than he does now. Then I don’t think he’ll need any more buffs, unless maybe they buff his crit skill at some point, since he has a good skillset already.


I agree with almost everything he said so except one thing.

Charlotte isn’t S Tier 0/10, disliked unsubbed


Yeah, kinda odd that he pointed out that Sasaki Kojirou just suffers from stats and can be good if grailed, but didn’t say the same for her. Maybe she needs a skill buff or something? I just don’t remember him saying anything particularly bad about her (though it’s a long video, I could’ve forgot).

Edit: Oh, it was the unbuffed NP that was the reason.

Quickly took screenshots of each of the lists as helpful reminders for discussing them:

1 Star Tier List

Jason is there because he got kicked from being ahead of Asterios to being behind him

2 Stars Tier List

Honako Green 2 stars list

3 Stars Tier List


This is good, maybe because fgo was my first gacha but i really dont understand people who dont raise their 3- star servants and only focus on gold ones.
Like, theres so much utility and niches they have.


The saddest part is when people post all the “help me decide who to raise” threads along with screencaps of their rosters. And you’re looking up and down the pictures and there’s no 1-3*s because they’ve all been burned. Puts a real tear to my eye :joy:

The weird thing about this too is I don’t know how these people learned to burn low rarities, because I don’t think anyone has ever advocated burning low rarity servants in any FGO forum.


More like they think, “Oooh Gold, silver isn’t as good… BURN!!!”

Maybe from other gacha games, depending on the game they won’t handle their lower rarities very well.


If you look closely you will see my comments there too

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In AL you essentially burn the lower rarities for enhancement…

I can understand burning servants early because they are new to game or accidently (i burned my max ascension euryale before camelot accidenty) but i dont understand defeating things like camelot, solomon or uruk yet not raising a single low start (even mash).

I a lot of meh gacha los rarety units are the greatest trash in the game,so may be for that

But is unbuffed np that much of a detriment, like he says that he is like Charlotte but better and is better with grails, but doesn’t say anything about grails for Charlotte? It’s really more of a nitpick, I understand why he put her there, if not just for that rng third skill.



Hanako’s video was quite good. Except I believe that compering Cu to all Lancers is a bad idea. He is an amazing survivor, I even grailed him to 80, but his damage is lackluster. (If Taiga had a little less CD on her first skill, she would have been even stronger, yet even now her numbers are insane. )
Also, Cursed arm has the same broken skill as Cu, yet he is much lower than the same Cu.
My personal agreement with him on the Spartacus rate. If the guy had a few more stars, at least 3* he would have been one of the most unusual long lived berserker in my opinion.

P.S. Can’t say much about JP servants, but Chen Gong is a monster, as I may say from the YouTube videos.
Also, never expected him to put Hundred Faces so high. Good civ.

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I believe Cu is higher due to guts. CA Hassan could really be strong with a few more stats on him. If he was a 3* base, he’d be so much more appealing, especially since he’s built to create crit stars, and he can put a good amount of hurt using those stars.

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