Honestly might just delete the game

Well, I wanted dorothea merges, so I rolled on the banner. I got a Flayn and 1 merge before the spark, which isn’t amazing but it’s decent at least. But it’s nothing compared to what was about to happen

Hidden because lots of posts and pain

It got really bad, I had almost 550 orbs before logging in today

And all that pain and wasted orbs for what you ask? One merge and a crappy 4* special

I think I need a long and maybe permanent break, my interest has already been waning and it’s a struggle to do more than log in and free summon.

Probably will still hang on this side of gp though.




Was planning on sparking the new special heroes, but idk if I’ll even log in


Man I’m sorry :catpat:

To save for months and risking not getting rewarded is one of the worst things of this game. One of the reasons I’m not playing rn


Yeah, you gotta do what’s healthy for you.

Sorry to hear that, it’s indeed some shitty luck.

Do what’s best for your health. Glad you’re sticking around though.


That is horrible luck. Do what is best for you right now and don’t worry about FEH one way or the other. It’ll be there if you want to play.


I’m sorry for your bad luck! Now that we have the option to spark on many banners it just doesn’t feel rewarding to go past the spark with summoning most of the time. Had pretty bad experiences with this myself a couple of times already…


Colorless hell will always be colorless hell no matter how many units they release…

Sorry about that bad luck. I’m sure there will be many better summoning days ahead


My god, that’s some really atrocious bad luck. This must be crushing. All those savings only for this…


I’ll take her off your hands… she’s actually extremely powerful with the right build


That sucks, but I absolutely know how you feel towards the interest level of the game - it’s on its last leg for me, so I fully endorse getting out and not looking back.


This tbh.

If you don’t care for AR/SD there’s really not much worth playing for.
At this point I just occasionally log on, clear a few maps with :pineapple:, log off again.


That is awful, I would be pretty devastated as well :feh_sothishook: I only wish this kind of luck upon my worst enemies, you deserved better!


Damn, sorry to hear that Luc, that’s some really unfortunate luck. Can’t blame you for wanting to take a break after that. Wishing you the best man!


That is awful, I remember the first time I went for Dozla,630+ orbs and I only got 1 merge, colorless is the true hell of summoning, the second time I went with 1500 orbs and spent 100 daily, surprisingly it worked and I was able to +10 Dozla, maybe if you ever want to go for Dorothea again you can use that trick, while is RNG and might not be reliable it gives motivation and self control to not spend all in one go, I understand your lack of interest in the game, the game stopped being fun a long time ago.
Im just waiting for some favorites to arrive.


This is Lilith for me all over again. It took me two years of dedicated summoning to finally finish her. I understand your pain and it is annoying that the “generous” rate ups fail you but this is a gacha at the end. They want you to suffer greatly so you budge and spend money. If you don’t play competitive modes, just log in and only do the guaranteed orb events. Forget about PVP and only do dispatch on raids.

I have done that for a month now and I besides some toilet papers, I don’t really miss much the rewards. And since the game doesn’t consistently give me characters’ merges to try and get more aggressively the papers to spend them on the manual shop, then it isn’t a priority anymore, to be honest.

If you uninstall, then stick around anyway. You can always complain to your heart’s content, make other people salty, and then remind them that you don’t play anymore.


I watched this live and it was painful :catcry:


When colorless summons go awry Matthew is never far behind. At least in my experience.

My condolences, gatcha can be rough. Reminds me of my Kagero summons back in year 1.


Sorry colorless hell was cruel to you.

It’s best to take a break if you’re already feeling worse about this game before.

You’re always welcomed on GP and I hope your day gets better from this.


Hang in there brother. My advice, which we’ve all been there, is just put FEH on the back burner to life except for daily logins and whatever minutiae you need to accomplish, and then be done for the day. Go on with life for a while, and then when you are ready to come back, you will have rebuilt a little.

Sorry my dude.