Hook ups in chaldea

I am aware that casual hock ups usually don’t happen in anime, but if you think about it:

A bunch of attractive superhuman heroes in a single place, summoned in their physical prime, unlimited stamina and no family or friends around since they are, well, dead.

It’s basically the Olympic village on steroids!

Which servants do you think would be open to a casual hookup, if we don’t take our protagonists into account?

For the men, according to lore, obvious picks would probably be servants like Fergus, Emiya, David or the KotR
Heracles or Gilgamesh are basically ancient Harem MCs

On the women side, probably kiara and medb?
Scathach and Suzuka I could imagine, and maybe both Jeanne alter and saber alter, since they are counterparts to their rather rigid OG selves

What do you guys think?


I don’t like this


Risky topic.

Also, most of them are either hot for MC or still hung up on the person they were with in life. Or both.


I don’t think GARcher would go after women, but they would go after him.
All celts (except maybe Diarmuid. Women are trouble); Most knights of round (except maybe Mordred and her dad); definitely Merlin and David, All Greeks and Romans, the Pirates and Mata Hari.

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Kiara and fergus both don’t think with their brain but with their…ahem…Now that i think about it only one of them doesn’t think with a brain.

Shuten/kintoki I like shuten teasing him and Kintoki being a tsundere.

Musashi and MC imo Musashi is infinitely better partner with Fujimaru then Mashu will ever be even though I love our cute eggplant.

Parvati and Kama-Parvati should definitely hook up with him.


Ngl, a lot of the ahem “research” I’ve seen of Fergus tends to paint him in a rather…“rapey” light, so he’d probably be down for hook-ups but get constantly rejected by most, besides maybe Medb.

I can’t see scathach actually hooking up, but that’s me.

Gil, well, in his own head, he’d be the center of attention for either gender.

I’d imagine most of the “free” servants would likely be hot for the MC, so thinking of actual pairings outside that is kinda oof.

Shuten and Herc


That’s like asterios and euryale… I’d imagine that be very… painful.

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Why does this thread exist?


Same reason the game exists.

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why do the majority of the threads exist?


It is basically like shipping, just without the relationship part and with a different person every other time!

And I think it makes the characters a little bit more human and relatable, most of them are adults after all and according to their historical lore not strangers to things like that.

So even worse than normal shipping?

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Realistic shipping is what I would call it.

me x all female servants


I wanted to add something to the topic.
But now I’m honestly more curious to see what the cheese-man has to say.


…what is a hookup?

I was just thinking that the huge diversity in cultural backgrounds would make sexual relationships pretty complicated. I mean, sex norms have varied widely over time and across cultures, with some things we take for granted, such as gender roles, being entirely foreign to some societies. For example, in Ancient Rome, homosexuality wasn’t a thing, they just didn’t have that concept. Instead, sexual roles were divided into something closer to dominant and submissive, and there was no real stigma against men filling either role (though, usually those of higher social status were dominant).

In short, if we’re not imagining just a hentai doujin scenario, where every character is just DTF regardless of their historic personality and values, I think attempting to initiate a “hook-up” could be a fraught situation.


Definitely didn’t get disappointed. :fgo_musashismug:

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Heh, gotta admit, I was feeling some pressure! I am not used to people actually being interested in what I have to say. ;-)